Le péril jeune

Le péril jeune

Ten years after their Upper Sixth, Bruno, Momo, Leon and Alain meet together in the waiting room of a maternity hospital. The father of the awaited baby is Tomasi, their best friend at that...

Ten years after their Upper Sixth, Bruno, Momo, Leon and Alain meet together in the waiting room of a maternity hospital. The father of the awaited baby is Tomasi, their best friend at that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander C (fr) wrote: An obvious rip-off of a certain "Bee" movie.

Jenny P (au) wrote: Ok, i'm not a girly-girl, but i'm not a baby boy either.

Cort J (ca) wrote: some of the worst casting jobs in the history of film

Kassy S (fr) wrote: i might give this movie a chance. no idea what it's about but i've kinda heard about it and it can't be that bad.

Bill B (jp) wrote: Less transgressive that some Miike, this is more of his softer side as a put upon teacher assumes the role of a superhero and begins to fight the aliens that are menacing his town.Fun stuff, dodgy CGI and a lighter tone make this a nice change of pace.Give it a rental.

Alex s (ca) wrote: Why does everyone like this movie much? I mean honestly it's just weird with the weird mutations and thumb things. Everyone's like oh my goodness so creative! And I'm like uhh..

Guillaume D (jp) wrote: Un gros morceau made in Nono.

Michelle C (fr) wrote: good movie, though kinda predictable.

Wendy H (gb) wrote: Loved this movie........Stunning scenery.........wish it was easy to get it on DVD to do it some real justice.

Atanas Y (gb) wrote: i like this "how would the world look like if ..." (in any direction)and we have a good example here - what if the germans had not lost the second world war (and the description on this site is not correct - they have not won - they just have not lost in the movie)? how would the society look like, the people, the politics...yes, in the movie the americans do not know about the extermination of the jews, while in reality they refused to bomb the railways leading to the camps, and yes, i have a problemm with thisbut i think that the mood in the movie and the wonderful acting did compensate me for this mistake.i would like to know more about this world, about life in other countries in it...and a movie able to do this is a hot candidate for my favourites listwatch it if you like alternatyve settings and movies with well made mood

Antonius B (gb) wrote: 'On the Waterfront' is a tour de force that really has it all - a great script, outstanding acting, and great direction. It tells the story of a group of longshoremen who are being coerced into silence by their corrupt and mob-connected union bosses. These are tough guys who work backbreaking jobs and have a code of not ratting out others. It's this ethic combined with the threat of being denied work or killed that keeps them all in line. We're sucked in immediately when in the opening minutes of the film there is a brutal murder to silence one of them, in which Marlon Brando finds himself unwittingly an accomplice.Brando is absolutely brilliant in this movie, and it boggles my mind that he considered his performance to be subpar after he saw it. He is a genius in the big moments and in the small ones he creates. Karl Malden is also outstanding as the priest who tries to rally the workers to stand up for themselves, and Lee J. Cobb and Rod Steiger turn in strong performances as the mob boss and one of his lieutenants (and Brando's brother), respectively. It's a shame that these three were all nominated for best supporting actor but split the vote so that none of them would win, though the film won 8 others, including Best Picture.The scene in the taxicab with the brothers, where Steiger implores and even threatens Brando to remain silent, is one of the best in movie history - not just because of the fantastic script, but also because of Brando's acting. He recalls having to take a dive in a fight for a mob, and when his brother blames his manager for trying to bring him along too fast as a young boxer, running his career, he responds:"It wasn't him Charlie, it was you. Remember that night in the Garden, you came down into my dressing room and said, 'kid, this ain't your night. We're going for the price on Wilson.' You remember that? This ain't your night! My night ... I could have taken Wilson apart. So what happens, he gets the title shot outdoors in a ballpark and what do I get, a one-way ticket to palookaville. You was my brother, Charlie, you shoulda looked out for me a little bit. You shoulda taken care of me, just a little bit, so I wouldn't have to take them dives for the short-end money."Charlie: "I had some bets down for you, you saw some money.""You don't understand! I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender! I coulda been somebody! Instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it. It was you, Charlie." That scene of being let down by a loved one is so poignant that on its own it makes the movie worth watching, but it's rock solid throughout, even if a little on the dramatic side at the ending. Kazan provided great direction with scenery that looked realistic because it was, having been shot in Hoboken with many of the extras real longshoremen, and on rooftops with aerials and dovecotes. I absolutely HATE the idea that Kazan made the film in part to justify his own testimony to congress during the McCarthy years, but it's a sad fact about the backstory of the film. With that said, I have to put that aside and give it credit for being a great, great film. Aside from the taxicab scene, there are a couple of others that give me goosebumps every time I see them, one of which is Malden calling out the bosses in a speech despite being threatened and having garbage thrown at him ("Every time the mob puts pressure on a good man and stops him from doing his duty as a citizen - it's a crucifixion!"). This is a tough, gritty movie, about the little man overcoming intimidation to stand up for himself against evil. The theme is timeless, and the movie creates timeless, immortal moments.

Filius S (us) wrote: Johnny Mnemonic is the story of Keanu Reeves in the future, where he has part of his brain allocated to store data... a whopping 80 gigs of it, which he uses to transfer clandestine information across borders. On what is supposed to be a routine job in China, he takes on double his normal capacity, being all "ayy, it's cool" even though it kinda fucks him up handling that much info. Before he can give a shit about that though, the guys who hired him get lit up by a team of assassins, and Keanu's on the run to deliver the goods before he ends up in the same cyber boat. Back in Newark, he discovers a giant conspiracy thing, and meets a cool cast of characters, including Ice-T who plays an underground revolutionary named Lo-Tek, Takeshi Kitano who plays the head of a giant corporation, Dolph Lundgren who plays a crazed religious fanatic who murders people, and a Dolphin in a fish tank hooked up to a computer. The movie is based on a book by William Gibson, and as a result is cyberpunk as all fuck, while it being made in the 90's accounts for it having that gritty 90's aesthetic you'd find in Hackers, Blade, Dark City or Existenz. A little known history of this movie is it was supposed to be way sicker than it ended up, originally being planned as an indie arthouse flick, which was inflated budget-wise by 30 times the original amount because Sony was sure it would be a big hit. The first-time director couldn't obviously get final cut, and was forced to bend over for studio executives who took turns raping the concept until it manifested as the finished product which went on to earn 14% from RT. TL;DR - 8/10All problems aside, I love this fucking film. I'm a huge fan of movies with the 90's cyberpunk sensibility populated by characters they picked out of a Skinny Puppy concert. Has it aged poorly? Yep. Is it cheesy? Oh fuck yeah. But the storyline is great, the characters are interesting, and the overall atmosphere of the movie wraps you up in it's grimy film and when it's all over you'll want to drop an x and hit up a rave so you can dance all night to some prodigy.

Drew H (br) wrote: I started learning martial arts as a kid and was keen for all ninja flicks. This is just plain shit but Kosugi was the dogs bollocks at martial arts.