Le Petit Soldat

Le Petit Soldat

During the Algerian war for independence from France, a young Frenchman living in Geneva who belongs to a right-wing terrorist group and a young woman who belongs to a left-wing terrorist group meet and fall in love. Complications ensue when the man is suspected by the members of his terrorist group of being a double agent.

During the Algerian war for independence from France, a young Frenchman living in Geneva who belongs to a right-wing terrorist group and a young woman who belongs to a left-wing terrorist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent D (de) wrote: Just....bad. Crappy special effects complemented by an excess of gore, mostly mediocre-at-best acting jobs with one or two cases of overacting thrown in, and a script that simply begs for an incinerator. About the only good thing was the girl who actually played the snake goddess, because she spent the whole movie moving just like a snake on two legs (more impressive than I'm making it sound).

Karsh D (br) wrote: Different style of gangster films, here it gives the Romanian Mafia the limelight.

Jens T (au) wrote: Om Shanti Om, my first encounter with a Bollywood film. It's a special experience where musical numbers seems to be a part of the plot without being categorized as musical but rather like a Disney movie. Om Shanti Om starts in the 70s where the young film extra, Om Prakash who have fallen for the young and beautiful actress, Shanti. But one day, Shanti's husband and manager Mukesh Mehra has trapped her inside a burning building. Om tries to save her, but both of them dies. Since Om is a Hindu he is being reincarnated as the son of a famous actor, and 30 years later covered in all his wealth and fame, he finds out who he was and decides to hunt the man who was responsible for Shanti's death and make him confess his sins. Unfortunately this man is a friend of his father and his producer.Weirdly enough this is my first Bollywood film, and I must say that I enjoyed it. Sure there are some things that I don't like with this film, such as the extremely long musical numbers (numbers that are great, by the way), and cheesy over-exposed sets and make-up and a running time on over three hours. But that's how all the Bollywood films are. But I did love the plot which includes Hindu myths and spiritualism set in the heart of the Bollywood itself as shows us the Karma of the industry itself. Thumbs up.

Movie M (mx) wrote: Pro-life or pro-choice? That is the question that has been responsible for arguably the most heated debate our current American culture has ever seen. Filmmaker Tony Kaye (American History X) with his aptitude for depicting controversial issues, doesn't waste time nor pulls any punches while beating the crap out of this one. His beautifully done documentary dives deep into the war over abortion; something that is ironically as far from "beautiful" as it gets. He takes an extremely analytical back seat perspective while examining everything that has gone into the feud. In particular, the religiously grounded fundamentalists who oppose it, the open-minded supporters who advocate it, and the many women out there who are struggling to keep their right of free-choice. Not just a film formed of interviews with extreme opinions either as it uses a fair amount of explicit footage too ranging from the murder scenes of abortion doctors to actual "in procedure" images that really nail the messages in. Outside of the grisly flashes from the operations though, the film struggles to remain neutral as it takes on a majorly pro-choice stance. But it's not something I hold the director or his film really accountable for as the pro-life movement along with their church and government affiliates, do a damn fine job making themselves look like a gaggle of religious nut jobs. "Lake of Fire's" overall outlook is just though and brought home with the way they punctuate the film; by simply following an everyday woman through her own procedure from when she heads to her appointment to when she leaves the clinic. She is a basic but real symbol who speaks loads for the concept that while everybody is getting so riled up over the idea of it all, what is being forgotten are the actual people going through it. Documentaries are meant to educate while entertain, and by that criteria, I can't remember the last time I was as thought-provoked and wowed in one setting as this. . . GRADE: A+

Craig B (it) wrote: I knew this flick was going to scream tax write-off, but...what a rushed and hackneyed waste of time! [i]Candy Stripers[/i] is light on the gore, slower than molasses, and riddled with piss-poor acting. Still, I'd be able to forgive all of that if it sported some decent nudity. I mean, look at the cover! But no...it doesn't even deliver on that. B-Movie connoisseurs, beware...stear clear of [i]Candy Stripers.[/i]

Jaden f (jp) wrote: this movie is ok not the best but hey i like it

DeWeY 4 (us) wrote: "There's a .45 in the fridge, and you grab a FUCKING frying pan! "

Ashley G (gb) wrote: Great for the weird people! This will blow your mind with beautiful scenery and music. It has weird scenes and yet they will not make sense to you. Most of the music is soothing. This is great if you are a weird one like me.

electro p (jp) wrote: seen it lots very funny

Stacy D (es) wrote: A movie I didn't want to see, but did. Cryed soooo hard in the end. Will stay with me forever.

Danny R (ag) wrote: Dramatic yarn about an ice hockey player and his struggles.

Carl M (br) wrote: Dare ye enter THE TORTURE GARDEN? Five thrill seekers are coaxed into entering the suspicious carnival attraction, where their fates are foretold by a supernatural statue of the Greek goddess Atropos. The first sorry sap will be granted a fortune in gold coins if he only obeys the demands of a witch's familiar, which takes the form of a small cat. An ambitious young starlet will do whatever it takes to see her name immortalized on screen. Poor Dorothy falls prey to a possessed piano in the next. An Edgar Allan Poe fanatic lets his jealousy and covetous desire get the best of him when he visits a rival's admirable collection in the fourth. The last man, however, resists looking into the eyes of fate, fearful of what he might find. Burgess Meredith greatly entertains as the attraction's eccentric owner, in a performance that is gleefully over-the-top. As is often the case with omnibus pictures, the stories are a bit uneven, with the first and last proving to be the most enjoyable (even with Jack Palance's oddly excitable performance in 'The Man Who Collected Poe'). Freddie Francis directs the small picture with gusto, and leaves us with a fun diversion in the end despite the film's many flaws. Amicus would reach the pinnacle of their success with their next anthology, THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, from 1970.-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Carson S (us) wrote: Decent for the dancing but the storyline and acting will put you to sleep!

Chris B (br) wrote: Tora! Tora! Tora! was at the time, a big budget (25 million dollars) historical account of the Pearl Harbor attack that did well in Japan but was considered a boring and critical failure in the U.S. I watched the slightly longer Japanese Extended version of the film and running just shy of 2 and a half hours, the film does take a long time to get to the actual attack, which is an exciting and devastating attack sequence. The majority of the film, that a lot of critics find boring, is a focused look at the politics involved at the time between The United States and Japan as well as the military on both sides and their methodology that lead to the attack and subsequent bombing of Japan. There is a lot of frustrating moments in the film due to the historically accurate account of how and why the men in Pearl Harbor were not the wiser of the incoming attack. There was not one letter or telegram that caused the surprise attack, but a host of potential forewarning that were either ignored, looked over, or just plan taken casually by the officers involved. The ending battle sequence, after the long-winded build up, is explosive and filled with action and battle between the shocked men on the ground and the Japanese bombers above and chaos abounds everywhere and with everyone involved. While not the greatest of war films, it is a soid and historically accurate look at the incident and takes an outside approach to the situation and doesn't mix in love stories or other side stories and instead focuses on the attack and does better for doing so!