Le piège d'Issoudun

Le piège d'Issoudun


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Cody L (ru) wrote: good, but I've seen better movies of this kind.

Yann F (us) wrote: Un film chiant et pretentieux, qui se veut pertinent et profond mais qui ne fait que ressasser des cliches convenus sur la jeunesse de 68 et ses desillusions. Le film est excessivement long, avec ses plans fixes interminables. Au bout de 15 minutes, on n'en peut plus, on n'a qu'une envie : appuyer sur la touche "eject" du lecteur DVD. On comprend que le heros se suicide a la fin. Mon salut, je le dois a la touche "avance rapide". Le seul interet que j'ai trouve a ce film, c'est sa forme "vintage" (noir et blanc, fondus au noir, etc...), avec des cadres et un montage qui rappellent Robert Bresson. La photographie est tres belle meme si elle accentue le cote froid et austere de l'ensemble.

Mani B (jp) wrote: This movie is fantastic. So funny and it has such a brilliant cast!! Bill Murray and cast are fantastic and they work so well together. I really hope this movie comes out on Blu ray soon. They don't make comedies like this anymore!!

Tom H (fr) wrote: 04.01.200701.07.2013

Se7enth A (br) wrote: A 1980s favorite romantic-comedy. It was sweet and memorable but predictable plot.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Friday, September 27, 2013 (1985) Secret Admirer TEENAGE COMEDY Intentioned for the young narcissistic teenage male which the idea is so simplistic, that it only serves only as a backdrop to the failed comedy routines. Long time female teen Toni (Lori Loughlin) craving for a steady relationship with her best friend Michael Ryan (C. Thomas Howell) except that like most of his peers the only girl he want is the most popular teenage girl of the school who is Deborah (Kelly Preston). And then throughout much of the movie, Toni helps him to achieve this. Even if it meant sacrificing herself as a distraction since Deborah has a boyfriend already who is an all around popular athletic jock. Simplistic movie for the average teen male who used to have the hot's for a young Kelly Preston since this may have been the first film she had ever did that showed her breasts which there was no internet at the time, and ironically is probably one of the few things I remembered about it. Many of my peers also wanted to see more movies of her assuming Preston be naked in those movies too before people knew she was a scientologist and was married to fellow scientologist John Travolta. If you ask me, Scientology wasn't even a word for a very long time until Bill Clinton came into office since Travolta was doing a movie about him. 2 out of 4 stars


Alex A (mx) wrote: "Jaws" is a classic story of man vs. beast, nearly perfect in every way.

Alex G (nl) wrote: Good acting, good story, and an interesting climax that I didn't see coming. The only things I didn't really care for it were it's lack of energy in certain scenes and it seemed to function more like a play than a movie. There were a lot of talky scenes and the visual moments were few and far between. The opening sequence depicting what happened to the Armstrongs I thought was well done. As far as thrillers/whodunnits go, this is a pretty good one, though not exceptional by any means.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: Bear living in captivity gets moved to the woods