Le Plaisir

Le Plaisir

Three stories about the pleasure. The first one is about a man hiding his age behind a mask to keep going to balls and fancying women - pleasure and youth. Then comes the long tale of Mme Tellier taking her girls (whores) to the country for attending her niece's communion - pleasure and purity. And lastly, Jean the painter falling in love with his model - pleasure and death.

Three stories about the pleasure. The first one is about a man hiding his age behind a mask to keep going to balls and fancying women - pleasure and youth. Then comes the long tale of Mme ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Trista S (br) wrote: saw this one. and loved it

Carlos M (fr) wrote: Cheesy, contrived and heavy-handed in structure, it is made even worse by how it it shows leftist revolutionaries as insane psychos/imbeciles and by the way it tries with no success to make us sympathize with a passive protagonist who never reacts to what is happening in front of him.

Dustin F (es) wrote: It's not about the band... It's about a 1000 other profound things! This is genius! If that was all planned; it's genius. If it wasn't planned, it's even better!

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Leif N (ru) wrote: A critical plot twist isn't terribly believable. Dumont leaves much to the imagination, as is normal. Sokolowski is perfectly cast.

Ruth B (fr) wrote: Love, love, love, this brilliant love story!

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Gonalo V (it) wrote: An horror french movie. Does that thing exist at all? Yes, at least Malfique proves that such a thing can exist and that you can make an inteligent horror movie without showing much. It also has a great lovercraftian feeling to it.

Daniel S (br) wrote: it tries hard to be good...and it falls flat. Average affair.

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