Le plus beau jour de ma vie

Le plus beau jour de ma vie

Not too excited Arthur asks marriage Lola. What should have been a quiet ceremony evolves in something bigger, expensive and overwhelming as family is involved. The organization of the best day of their lives threatens to destroy them.

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MF J (ag) wrote: This is a good film but very slow & formal. Both lead actors are talented & demonstrate some serious acting shops here but the film feels a little too straight forward & stretched. Deserves a look for sure but maybe only on TV.

Jay B (es) wrote: Well acted and just interesting enough.

Owen D (es) wrote: Was kinda long with some boring parts. but when action kicked in, no glass was safe!!

Tessa D (kr) wrote: what happened to this little girl is sick but it was still an excellent movie

Nick B (us) wrote: Pretty twisted comedy. story had something going for it just to bad it wasnt that great. Jason Lee was good the other guy was pretty crappy though. The stripper chick was pretty hot.

David N (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed seeing tom cruise as a baddy and not in his usual role of playing tom cruise

Kat L (it) wrote: a sweet little brit flick.quaintly funny and a nice fuzzy ending.sunday night viewing at its best.actually,my feelings for this movie have warmed since i learned it is based upon a true story.wonderful to imagine such goings on during the war.

Anita L (br) wrote: I don't really know what to say about this movie. It's very deep no doubt but I think I would have prefered it if it went deeper into the plot rather than just dwelling deep in the character's composition.

Frankie S (jp) wrote: Oh my GOD....this movie sucks so bad and the acting is so artificial that its actually physically painful to watch! This is what happened to Winona rider's career! Bad bad baddddd!

Shaikabdul M (nl) wrote: Full action packed movie both khans rocks

Av D (us) wrote: I LOVED this movie !!! Sure, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and yeah there are no 50 million dollar explosions, but it's really funny, the characters are almost all really well written and the humor was GREAT in my opinion. I don't know why every one here was so quick to put this movie down, they don't make 'em like this anymore sadly.... If you liked Police Academy or Wedding Crashers for example, you'll like this movie. I think it's REALLY good!!

Raul L (au) wrote: Great film and with hollywoods finest actors ever.

Justine S (kr) wrote: Inspired by the supposed possession of the Loudou nuns in 1634, Mother Joan of the Angels tells the tale of a Mother Superior possessed by eight demons and the man who tries to save her. By the standards of modern films like the Exorcist, the trials and tribulations that Mother Joan and the sisters go through are rather tame. She doesn?t spew profanities, or vomit, or physically transform in any way? it casts a reasonable amount of doubt on the events, but also serves to remind the viewer that even dance and song are forbidden to a pious nun, making even the only nun not touched by evil, a black sheep. The film takes into question religious devotion, as well as the driving force of humanity; love. Late in the film, desperate for a cure, Father Jozef Suryn seeks help from a Rabbi, who answers that the driving force of even the most evil acts is love. He recounts a story of a young woman who was possessed by her dead lover, and he would not let go of her soul because he could not break the hold of his love. This opens up the film, allowing for everything to fall into place. Mother Joan is an enigmatic woman, beautiful and commanding. Her strength is palpable, as is her frustration. She yearns for saintly perfection, but cannot achieve it. Instead she opens her heart and soul to demons, because if one cannot be a saint, we might as well be damned. There is a desire to be seen, to be loved, but her life in a convent prevents that. One even wonders how a woman so young, and clearly troubled could climb the ranks to become a Mother Superior, but I think this is intentional, a hint at her charismatic yearning to be loved, to be needed. In 2001, Kawalerowicz was asked what the film was about, to which he answered; It is a love story about a man and a woman who wear church clothes, and whose religion does not allow them to love each other. (?) The devils that possess these characters are the external manifestations of their repressed love. Considering the subdued nature of the film, the eroticism and passion is palpable. Most of it due to the performance of Lucyna Winnicka, who is stunning and commanding. She is able to build up the pious and apparently weak Father Suryn to a man of great power and passion, bring him to his knees and move him to make a sacrifice so great, one would not believe it were possible upon our first introduction with him. The cinematography and the side story of Sister Malgorzata, who?s light and song attracts the attention of a handsome Squire, add to both the forbidden nature of romantic and sexual love, as well as the general eroticism of the every day. The ever flowing white habit, the caged settings, the burning sweat and the songs. I think, perhaps, the most intense scene of the film is when Father Suryn and Mother Joan are in a small pavilion where clothes are dried in the sun. They talk, and then on opposite ends of they practise self-Flagellation (whipping your back with a cattail whip). It?s as close as they will ever be, and as far as religious worship of their level of devotion allows for physical release. As I understand it, it?s meant as a reminder of the mortal body and the immortal soul. Inducing suffering to create humility, which is what Mother Joan sorely lacks. Love is the root of suffering and hatred, it is the root of everything. Repeatedly, Mother Joan is told to open her heart and let in love? little do they know, she loves the demons that possess her. It?s the sin of pride, she wants to be remembered, she wants to be able to have more evil in her than the others, and they allow her that. It also opens up Father Suryn to the idea of real love, love that requires true sacrifice and is palpable. Sister Malgorzata is also forced to experience the hate and pain of love, knowing only the beauty and richness it brought beforehand. The possession didn?t effect her, perhaps because she was content, and loved life and God. There was a sincere happiness to her, a smile on her face and laughter in her heart. The only love she never experienced, was that for and with a man. When she meets the squire, she opens up her soul and then her body to him, only to be betrayed and left broken. In a way, it?s only because she loved that she was able to feel the pain of heartbreak. She was living the happiness of a child, a suggestion once made in passing to Mother Joan, but now forced to grapple with adult emotions and feelings she cannot return to religious life and casts herself out. Mother Joan of the Angels is a great story of unrequited love, romantic and otherwise, and great faith. It puts into question dogmatic practise and religious devotion and practise as repressive, and a shield against the pains and trials of the real world. The film leaves much to the viewer, and creates a visceral experience, emerging the audience into the action and minds of the character through a moving camera, including numerous point of view shots. Even though most prints available are shoddy at best, the beautiful photography shines through.

Kevin N (kr) wrote: Dick Powell is fantastic in his turn as hard boiled legend Philip Marlowe. In fact, were the rest of the film not as good as it is it would still be worth watching due to Powell's consistently suave, funny and masterful performance. Luckily we are given a movie to match the man. Edward Dmytryk's direction is admirably wacky; it gives the film a textured dizziness that this kind of detective story was always begging for and never received, and even when his visual tricks go over the top they remain engaging. This story isn't as interesting as Chandler's more famous "The Big Sleep", but screenwriter John Paxton recognizes some of the shortcomings in plot and more than makes up for them in characterizations. Claire Trevor is wonderfully sleazy as the true femme fatale of the film, and Anne Shirley makes a fascinating opposition to her. This is an extraordinarily underrated film noir with strong performances that make it instantly re-watchable.

Keith E (es) wrote: A fascinating coda to a fascinating life. Such sadness from a happily sad guy. I still miss Spalding Gray.