Le premier venu

Le premier venu


Camille, a 20-something dissatisfied with her life, craves the opportunity to give her love to the person who needs it the most. She finds this opportunity in the form of Costa, a homeless ne’er do well, deadbeat dad, and rejected son. Even as their relationship begins to take its toll on them both, Camille finds happiness in her efforts to rescue him from his own self-destruction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yash B (es) wrote: Feels pretty forced but it is a good movie. It was much more appealing to me when I was younger for sure.

Gail K (it) wrote: An awesome movie! I can watch it over and over again. A MUST SEE!!!!!

Dillinger P (ru) wrote: Fast closing in on 20 years old and Existenz is more relevant than ever, although its style may be slightly out dated, the films themes and insane story line, make for some thought provoking and indeed entertaining cinema. In a not too distant future, famous computer game programmer Allegra Geller attends a play through of her new VR computer game eXistenZ, a game in which the player will virtually log into its world and play through the game with their very own eyes and minds. Although Allegra doesnt realize how much trouble she is in, when an attempt is made on her life and its left up to a PR geek, Ted Pikul, to escort her to safety and ensure the game remains operational. It would have been a cool premise in the late 90's during the dawn of a Matrix age, however David Cronenberg's CGI shy and psychotic thriller would be overshadowed by the latter, especially with stirring similarities to the the multi million box office smash, creating an unfair hype surrounding it. The truth is that Existez is a different beast, its darker, edgier and far more believable than The Matrix ever claimed to be. Its themes resonate in an age where people are attached to a virtual world 24/7, living their lives through coding and instant digital entertainment. Even the argument against this style of living is frighteningly accurate, its as if Cronenberg saw the future. Existenz boasts a great cast, passing off great ideas, in an exciting and unpredictable fashion, its easy to jump into as a slice of entertainment and thankfully their isnt any over loaded exposition, to halt proceedings. The film however does trip up from time to time, its a victim of a confused age, an age when life could head either way, this makes some of Existenz's design choices slightly jarring and although Cronenberg's over all body horror theme works, you cannot escape the glaringly hilarious occasional designs. The script also falters, although conveying a great concept, Existenz is the first script in over a decade that Cronenberg had written and it shows, its glaring similarities towards Video Drome have caused some to call it the unofficial sequel, but its main issues are with some painful dialogue, due to the over acted nature it can be forgivable, but there is no escaping the laughable and cheesy conversations our protagonists will encounter time and time again. Its nowhere near his best work, but Existez delivers and entertaining and thought provoking film, who's themes still hold up almost 20 years later.

Katherine V (us) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie and still do today !

Dave J (it) wrote: Friday September 13, 2013 (1983) Testament SCIENCE-FICTION Realistic and sad portrayal about what it would be like after a nuclear explosion, but anyone expecting any happy endings would be very disappointed. Not the feel good movie ever made which can only scare people instead. The movie centers on a particular family and the hardships that she had to endure which I thought is a somewhat limited environment. 2 out of 4 stars

Ian G (it) wrote: Once upon a time, perhaps...

Sherry M (au) wrote: Clever take off on fairy tales. Maybe not as funny as I thought it would be.Good, but I liked Monsters Inc more. Shrek more sarcastic. What can you expect with Eddie Murphy in it? Mike Meyers surprisingly good as voice of Shrek. Sounded Scottish. Couldn't recognize Austin Powers at all - thank God.

Joe R (au) wrote: Watched this for the first time in a long time and it confirmed my earlier perception - this has the cinematic pacing and perspective of a security camera video.

Margus O (jp) wrote: Although perceived as an offensive movie by most people must admit that love to watch this movie occasionaly few times a year and enjoy every time of it. Simple, sexistic and dumb humour makes it a perfect hangover movie. Especially enjoyable by people who recognize their boss in some of the scenes ;).