Le retour d'Afrique

Le retour d'Afrique

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Tommy T (au) wrote: Generically stupid, extremely immature and too unforgiving as a film is what the predecessor had problems with, and The Haunted House 2 continues to increase the unacceptable intolerance.

Mike C (jp) wrote: That Is one big bug!

Anil D (br) wrote: Le concept n'est pas mal mais pour des films indiens cela fait sauter pas mal de chansons et je n'aime pas a ! Quelques histoires bien penses !

Zack B (fr) wrote: What a really sweet and lovely movie. The two main leads have such a lovely chemistry. I would love to see Reaser and Guinee do another romantic movie or maybe a TV show together. My only minor complaint is that they show partial nudity then after teasing us with longing furtive gazes between the two we don't get at least one passionate kiss and embrace between them. Great movie nonetheless.

Rania A (it) wrote: An updated version of the classic book. Full of teen angst, mother/daughter relationship and guy troubles, with a few laughs thrown in, this film isn't the best version.. Jamie Lee Curtis however steals the show with her spectacular performance.. making it easier to watch.

wedstarfish 8 (ru) wrote: Rudy is a baseball flick that does not give you anything interesting and just gives you a plot about a guy who wants to play baseball in and for a different place. It is very boring, and is not for kids. Not because it's inappropriate (there is some language) but because it is dull and kids won't find it interesting.

James O (fr) wrote: Usually in horror movies, the really scary ones have no gore, and the gory ones aren't scary. Prison is the rare film that manages to accomplish both in spades. The atmosphere is top-notch, the acting is flawless, and there's more gore than you can shake a stick at. It has been said that at the end, stuntman Kane Hodder put live worms in his mouth as the resurrected body of Charles Forsythe, but the scene goes by so fast I don't know if anyone can see what's in his mouth. I've never been to prison (thankfully), but the depiction here seems uncannily realistic. The warden is a real scumbag, as are the rest of the staff of the prison. This was an Empire Pictures film, and each film they make never fails to amaze me. It seems that whenever Charles Band says something like, "Hey! Let's adapt a story from H. P. Lovecraft!", he makes the best Lovecraft movie EVER. I'm pretty sure he said something along those lines when he thought up Prison, and it's one of those movies that never fails.

Dave J (es) wrote: Monday, June 23, 2014 (1973) The Slams ACTION At the opening, showcases a sophisticated, blatant drug and money robbery involving 3 guys. And while driving away on their getaway truck, and because one of the guys didn't agree to also rob the syndicate's drug money, he demands that his share would only be in cash. So the other two decide to double cross him by getting rid of him altogether, except that he was already onto their intentions and successfully kills them both with a sawed off shot gun. After dumping the suitcase full of cocaine into the ocean, he then takes off driving again, but becomes nauseous because he was also shot as well who ends up crashing his vehicle on front of a police cruiser. And that was when the real movie starts is when anti-hero, protagonist, Curtis X. Hook (Jim Brown) ends up in the slammer (hence the title "The Slams") for connecting him to the robbery and murders, in which we're seeing him having to confront and clash with a corrupt chief's guard, racist inmates, and one of the Italian syndicates who also happens to be locked up as well. On his side, Hook has a successful African American girlfriend who happens to be a successful news reporter, and a likable pimp who Hook had used to saved his life during the war. If you want to see movies in which African Americans are not stereotyped as people who're incapable to hitting back if they're hit first, then this would be a great contender since how often are we going to see successful African American news anchors with the main star working with pimps! Not very often. 3 out of 4 stars

Scott R (ag) wrote: Good cast and not a bad story either.

Tara H (it) wrote: Although this is romantic fluff, I enjoyed it. Jean Simmons was lovely, Victor Mature was - well - Victor Mature, and watch out for Jane Darwell (aka Ma Joad) as their kindly landlady.

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: While it is a Soviet propaganda film, Man With a Movie Camera achieved the impossible in one of the harshest conditions ever to produce an avant garde silent film about the lives of people living in Moscow (though shot at various locations). You can see the stark contrast of the dirty streets with the elegantly dressed people (bourgeoisie?), but Vertov did this in a way that hides a lot of the unpleasant things. The goal of the film was to create something that tells the "truth" but it really was a piece of work to encourage the productivity of the workers, though I highly doubt much improvement was procured after viewing this film. Nonetheless, it deserves a watch for its impressive camera works.

Brenda J (nl) wrote: Someone needed to pay rent bad. ???