Le retour de Casanova

Le retour de Casanova

After many years of rambling across Europe the aging Giacomo Casanova is impoverished. He wants to return to Venice but he doesn't dare going there directly, because he was a fugitive when he left.

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Ze B (nl) wrote: You just know you are in for a bad time when you pick a movie from a Steven Seagal 4-Pack from Mill Creek to watch. Attack Force is a 2006 thing they are labeling a film. It's far from that. It's in 7 words, One Of The Worst Movies Ever Made. And this reviewer has seen movies with Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill in them.The trouble starts early in the opening scene where a group of bad guys that look like the good guys almost are escaping while being shot at. They somehow hide motorbikes, covered in the parking lot of the place they are breaking into to steal some thing. After they steal the thing they fight their way out, now with dozens of guards shooting at them. They somehow get to the bikes and uncover them. Time to escape right!While they are being shot at they stop and think of their own safety and put on European enforced law abiding bike helmets. Are you kidding me! 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But the movie fails at that. Most of the time Steven is sitting on a couch in all black looking bored and saying parts of dialog that's all put together by the editor. It makes no sense. He does have a few fights, but they are so closely filmed that you can't really see what's going on. Other times a little Asian guy is following him around jumping all around like a cartoon character while at least Seagal is looking tactical. Its just bad. Please don't watch this movie. There is absolutely nothing to be gained or enjoyed from it.So if you are going to watch the movie anyways. Here's what you do. Open the DVD. Put the audio to Spanish and put the subtitles on. I'm sure it will make more sense.Best Actor : Lisa Lovbrand as TiaThe acting is not particularly bad. Just the script is terrible. Of the main characters I guess Lisa Lovbrand did the best job. I don't know. Not much to write home about on this movie. 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It's unwatchable.Rating: F (We only rate out of 5 here)

MaryAnna S (au) wrote: Wayne just NEVER stops :)

Marta R (ca) wrote: Cute, sometimes funny... "feel-good" movie to watch.

Eric N (br) wrote: One of the coolest flicks and no one's heard of it. It's like CSI meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or Memento meets Seven.

Miss 4 (au) wrote: Can someone say me how can I get this movie?

Grant T (ca) wrote: Uh, what an emotional film. This definitely deserved to beat out raging bull for best picture. Donald Sutherland and Timothy Hutton are marvelous in their roles, and Robert Redford creates such a story that seems to lose all hope, even though it doesn't. Magnificent!

Sam M (us) wrote: Good performances but missing a few things.

Nemanja B (jp) wrote: kad te mozak zaboli od hickokovih voznji, usudio bih se reci sokantnije i bizarnije i od psiha

Jared R (gb) wrote: This is a fun popcorn flick with a good amount of humor and heart.

Bheema D (kr) wrote: An incredibly ambitious, heartbreaking and influential film. With innovative camerawork, simplistic sentimentality, a classic plot, and a lack of certainty in its morality, it has all the makings of a real "best picture" winner.