Le sei mogli di Barbablù

Le sei mogli di Barbablù

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Alyssa H (ag) wrote: I'm a huge fan of the Ice Age saga, but I think this one overdid it. They should have stopped with Continental Drift. Everything felt reused from the older movies. Given my love for the series, though, and the fact that it did have some funny aspects (Sid, obviously), I still liked it.

Harrison W (kr) wrote: A beautful, but ultimately cynical view of the news media. I don't gasp much, but I did MANY times during this movie. Jake Gyllenhal's performance was amazing. Just with a single look, he exuded creepiness.

Brigitte G (kr) wrote: Great fun, whilst still covering some serious issues

Daniel C (it) wrote: Filme aborda o tema imigracao. Muito bom.

Steve L (fr) wrote: Some enjoyable bits if you like stunning scenery & snow sports action. no comments worth making on plot or performances!

Bjrn S (ca) wrote: Great actors, not convincing story.

Hillary D (jp) wrote: The first daughter has a sweet romance blossom with an unlikely suitor.

sam c (kr) wrote: i just didnt really find a purpose for the movie.

Gilbert G (es) wrote: I love this movie. Back when "dark comedy films" didn't mean [insert black comedian name here] in a fat suit.

Nikolaos P (mx) wrote: Yup it's true: Leonardo Di Caprio's first act EVER (when he was a kid :-))

Trevor W (de) wrote: A funny film about the struggles of an awkward gentleman trying to survive and find love in Alaska during a gold rush. Despite the fact that the two main plots aren't as interwoven as should be, the film is still very funny today, in its 90th anniversary year.Disclaimer: The version I watched was narrated by Charlie Chaplin himself, several years later.

Jordan C (it) wrote: A silly over the top comedy/horror movie directed by John Carpenter with a tad bit of mystery and a Tons of Fun. Personally I have to say its not his best but certainly feels original to an extent gotta give the man props.

Holly M (jp) wrote: Easily near the top of my list of favourite John Cusack movies. WHY did it take me so long to see this??

Carlos I (es) wrote: Decent supernatural horror, even if it's rather typical. There are some cool designs and effects, and a pretty cool ending, but they try for way too many cheap jump scares. Whoever did the sound mixing for this movie needs to be fired.