Le signe du lion

Le signe du lion

A French-American in Paris lives by sponging off his working friends, and throws a party using borrowed money when his rich American aunt dies, believing firmly in his horoscope.

An American in Paris lives by sponging off his working friends, and throws a party using borrowed money when his rich American aunt dies, believing firmly in his horoscope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan H (es) wrote: Excellent documentary for those with an interest in photography or not. It's pretty graphic in places which is to be expected given the subject matter. I'd recommend it though. It's available on Sky Arts at the moment.

bill b (ag) wrote: Interesting but .... it seem to be not complete

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Loraine D (de) wrote: love the songs in this movie

Rory P (ru) wrote: It's strength is it's weakness.

Tom J (ru) wrote: The fanatical son is the least interesting part of this interesting character study. Parvez (Om Puri) is a Pakistani taxi driver in London who clearly wants to be seen as more important than his station in life would suggest. He drives a local prostitute Bettina (Rachel Griffiths) to work and tries to set up dates for her with important businessmen. He is thrilled when his son plans to marry the constable's daughter even though the constable clearly holds Parvez and his family in contempt. His son dumps his girlfriend and becomes involved in a fundmentalist Muslim group. One of the interesting things about the movie is the tension Parvez finds himself between, working for a German businessman who orders up host of prostitute who he clearly views as mechanisms to keep his party guests happy. Parvez's son, on the other hand, treats women in contempt in following the more radical fringes of Islamic law. Nice acting, particularly from Griffiths and Puri.

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Miguel M (mx) wrote: One of the most ridiculous, insulting and ugly movies ive ever seen...

Reginald V (au) wrote: Best cossack movie ever made!Best Yul Brynner movie! See glorious Ukrainians fight Poles!

Matt M (fr) wrote: Patriotic propaganda with a target audience of conservative housewives. This film is really just a silly propagandist melodrama.

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