Le syndrome du Titanic

Le syndrome du Titanic

Dieser Dokumentarfilm zeigt die ökologischen Probleme, mit denen die Erde zu kämpfen hat. Mit Bezug auf die lange Entwicklungsgeschichte der auf der Erde lebenden Lebewesen wird insbesondere auch ein Augenmerk auf das Artensterben, das durch den Menschen verursacht wird, gelegt.

Dieser Dokumentarfilm zeigt die ökologischen Probleme, mit denen die Erde zu kämpfen hat. Mit Bezug auf die lange Entwicklungsgeschichte der auf der Erde lebenden Lebewesen wird insbesondere auch ein Augenmerk auf das Artensterben, das durch den Menschen verursacht wird, gelegt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William W (mx) wrote: An excellent way to part company, after six film together, for director Josef von Sternberg and superstar Marlene Dietrich. Odd that it flopped at the time--perhaps there was too much of a sameness in the femme fatale type of character she was consistently portraying, and thus needed a different directorial perspective, one that wasn't so obviously entranced by her. Very few aesthetic delights of the post-Code era tantalize and linger long afterwards in the mind as much as films from the Marlene Dietrich/Josef Von Sternberg partnership, and this, thankfully kept in Dietrich's vault as it was the favourite of her films, is no exception. Though anyone who knows me will readily recall I prefer the twice-Oscar nominated (for 'Morocco' and 'Shanghai Express'), Viennese expert craftsman's silent pictures to those made with the sexpot, this saga of vengeance is also superlative and well worth both purchasing and re-watching. Paramount caved in to pressure by the Spanish government, who hated the way Pierre Lous' novel portrayed the Spanish police, and actually destroyed the original print. Thankfully Dietrich's fear that her favourite film would otherwise be lost meant it was extremely well-preserved, and I saw my copy as part of a superlative DVD boxed set of six of her films that I've had for a few years now.