Le tardone

Le tardone


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Andrew K (fr) wrote: Brilliant special regarding the beginnings of the show. It was very touching and even made me get all teary.

Carlos C (es) wrote: Very funny movie about the suckiness of the Old Wild West. I enjoyed it betterreward than Ted.

Tamsin B (kr) wrote: Watched this film last night - it drew some tears and made me laugh - a very poetic story about how a mother and a daughter finally bond together over the death of the father. The animation is reminiscent of Miyasaki's style and the backgrounds transport you to that little southern Japanese island...

Gina H (jp) wrote: Jesse Hutch is in this movie, he is our cousin

Maura R (ag) wrote: Has a little bit of a Michel Gondry feel to it. Not bad.

Costas T (us) wrote: Interesting background to Jacques Demy.

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: 86% Commentary of the working stiff. High energy characters, with a mostly chill atmosphere.

Holly E (ru) wrote: Sweetheart of a movie. Will they get together? Won't they? That was the question throughout. Nice romantic comedy to watch. Enjoyable.

David L (ru) wrote: In every good horror genre, there is always one film that sets itself apart from the rest, and in terms of who's the King of the dolls, Chucky leads the field by a mile. Ok, so people might remember this series because it's released several episodes, the later ones being quite scandalous, corny and ridiculously unrealistic. Go back a few years though to when this was released, and you have a concept that plays more upon the psychological terror that a motionless doll can inflict, rather than a bloodfest of unnecessary ways to murder people. The fright comes from the suspense and build up here, as opposed to the grotesque killings. No one would ever suspect a doll coming to life on a psychotic rampage so we watch with frustration as a boy and his mother endure the pain of no one believing their unlikely story. It's definitely the sort of watch that would give children nightmares, I mean what's worse than being attacked by a ginger midget? This is by far one of the more credible takes of the franchise, as we learn the origins of just how Chucky came into circulation. It's focusing more on developing a storyline than shocking its audience, which is why there would have been demand for a sequel. Nowadays, I think people are just wanting it to end given the straight to DVD releases that are being tossed out for fun. Don't judge this film by those mistakes though as this is the much more credible original production that created the doll and gave it it's legendary status in the horror hall of fame in the first place. A must see, unless you still sleep with a cuddly toy that is.