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Le tempestaire

Following a premonition, A young woman tries to persuade her fiancé not to go out to sea in his fishing boat, but the boy ignores her and sets out

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ventually, at the advice of her grandmother, she goes to the "Tempestaire,. Soon, a storm occurs, and the girl frantically tries to find out his fate. Following a premonition, A young woman tries to persuade her fiancé not to go out to sea in his fishing boat, but the boy ignores her and sets out

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Andrew S (de)

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Don S (fr)

ugh. . . And then there is the ending. The story has no logic, The supernatural being isn't scary and the explanation leaves much to be desired. I enjoy Sossamon and Burns in just about everything, so I'm actually being generous in my rating. Remake of a Japanese horror movie that turns into more of a suspense story than a horror story here


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Matt K (jp)

Pooo! and Ted Danson is bald!

Matthew L (gb)

I was disappointed, because it sounded like it could be a good movie. At the very end of the movie there's another surprise that will make you scoff at how absurd it is. It also gives away the main twist rather obviously near the end which kind of ruins it. As for the rest of the movie, I found it to be pretty slowly paced and the characters lacked charm. Unfortunately his role is nothing more than a cameo. I bought this movie because Kiefer Sutherland was in it. I'm not going to lie

Rick D (ag)

I'm not going to go as far as to say it's better than the Fay Wray version - there's no point in comparing any remake to the original as beloved as the original King Kong. It's better than Skull Island and it's also better than the Jessica Lange Version from the 1970s. Regardless it should be emphasized that, audience scores notwithstanding, Peter Jackson's King Kong is the far superior movie. I guess it's a bad idea to try to do more - either that or more was being demanded of Peter Jackson because of the LotR movies. Comparing audience reactions between the Peter Jackson movie and the recent Skull Island leaves me scratching my head