Le trio infernal

Le trio infernal

A cunning French legal adviser teams up with an unemployed German girl and her sister to commit murders in Marseille.

Marseilles, 1919. Georges Sarret is a distinguished and respected lawyer, recently honoured for his services in the First World War. He takes as his lover Philomène Schmidt, a young German woman, who has just lost her job and home. To enable Philomène to remain in France, Georges finds her a husband – who dies conveniently of natural causes a month after the wedding. Georges repeats the trick with Philomène's sister, Catherine – marrying her off to an old man who dies suddenly so that the scheming trio can profit from his life insurance. When an accomplice in the scheme, Marcel Chambon, threatens to blackmail them, Georges and his two lovers have no option but to kill him and his mistress... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom W (ag) wrote: Struggling comedians should appreciate this movie.

Cameron M (it) wrote: Some scenes were laugh out loud funny - I loved it!

James C (de) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have seen :)

Timothy H (nl) wrote: The mans name Is Jose Ramos-Horta, not Romas.

Darine S (it) wrote: One must respect the Pegg / Frost Duo they are AWESOME -I generally prefere Brit-Comedy than US-Comedyabout Paul I must admit I liked him even though he felt more like a US citizen than an alien .... a new approach to Sci-Fi ... and as usual HILARIOUS

Roxanne D (ru) wrote: I'm still struggling to understand this film, but it seems to be about a wife and mother who feels trapped in her respective roles and tries to convince her husband to give her his responsibility-not so much because she wants to be bread winner per se, but because she wants something else in life. Within the context of her family she feels delegated to wife and mother, and those roles clearly don't fulfill her. The problem seems to be then, that she doesn't feel like she can break away from her family and fulfill her goals, and when she realizes that her husband will never give her what she needs, she takes her life in response. But then, she shouldn't have to break away from her family to find fulfillment: she should be able to have it within the confines of her family. But the film clearly states that the latter is not possible. However, she wasn't interested in a mere outlet: she wanted Frank to stop working all together. She wanted complete control over her family. She wanted her husband to lounge around, 'figuring out who he is' while she worked and supported him and her kids. She clearly wanted to delegate her husband to mere husband and father. April realizes however, that she will never have complete control over her family, and especially Frank, and it is that realization that drives her into the hopeless emptiness.

KARLA E (mx) wrote: He is so cute. I don't remember the story. I think I have it. I don't wanna see it to remember it.

Donna D (jp) wrote: It started off pretty well, but sunk pretty quickly into prosaic cliched destiny movie. Very predictable ending!

Alex C (us) wrote: Seems to be quite the drama!

Jenny R (gb) wrote: Mer nrdigt n shr blir det inte. Just love it!

RJ M (de) wrote: A great time for anyone that enjoys cheesy monster movies. It really feels like a movie that was meant to be made in the 50's or 60's, and to be enjoyed at the drive in. There's no way to take the material seriously. Genetically engineered bats escape from a government lab, infect other bats outside a small Texas town, and proceed to kill everyone in sight. Of course the government recruits one scientist who is "the best in the field" to find a solution to the problem. The movie is filled with bats that look as real as the shark in Jaws. Whether they are animatronic, or computer generated, they rarely look real. But when they swarm, it's a cool sight to see. Director Louis Morneau makes great use of the beautiful landscape, and the quaintness of a small town to give the movie a great atmosphere. The characters are all stereotypical, especially Leon's ultra hip, token black character. But the actors are solid, and keep you interested. Lou Diamond Phillips can't sell a Texas accent to save his life, but he's heroic enough as the sherriff. Dina Meyer...ah me, Dina Meyer. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, she's also a solid actress, and makes her character tough, and is FAR more credible as a scientist than her Starship Troopers co-star Denise Richards was as a nuclear scientist in The World Is Not Enough. Did I also mention she's has one of the most perfect faces I've ever seen? The movie though, loses a great deal of steam in the third act. When the heroes enter the central nest of the bats at the end, it draws out way too long, and begins to become boring, with a finale that doesn't quite fit with the feel of the rest of the movie. But, if you like drive-in movies, cheesy monster flicks, or need nothing more than to stare at the beautiful Dina Meyer for 90 minutes (that would be me) then this movie is for you. In fact, I'm so taken with her beauty, that I'm going to give the movie an extra half star just for that.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Impossible to shake off, "Begotten" is no average art-film with its images that are as compelling as they are disturbing. While its meaning may be graspable by some, viewers who aren't already familiar with "Begotten" may not quite understand it.

Matt C (br) wrote: Classic old school 80s flick

Marrick A (ag) wrote: "Never trust a girl giving her donuts away for free" - Mama

Pablo R (es) wrote: I love you Alice B. Toklas

Ryan T (gb) wrote: This movie probably deserves a half star but making fun of it was enjoyable enough for me to add one more.