Le ultime 56 ore

Le ultime 56 ore

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Kurt M (it) wrote: Not even a topless Alyssa Milano can save this boring and mediocre film.

Samantha M (br) wrote: debra winger kills this movie. everyone else is quirky and likable; winger, however, is stiff and unappealing. she makes it difficult to relate to mickey and ellen -- not because the story is bad, but because the characters lack all chemistry thanks almost completely to her lifeless portrayal of ellen.

Keaton E (au) wrote: Fueled by a spectacular performance from Tom Hanks and Jonathan Demme's confident direction, Philadelphia delivers emotional resonance even if it exceeds its grasp.

Mallory A (es) wrote: Ahhh 90s cutting edge technology...

Sarah F (ca) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see what this is!

Anthony P (fr) wrote: Charles Bronson keeps proving to me just how great of an actor he was.

Tasos L (au) wrote: One of the best western films ever made..A movie that defines revenge as a holy matter.

Red L (br) wrote: I found this movie ho-hum. Sure, it is fun to watch Danny Kaye do a great job. I wasn't as impressed when I was busy watching the story of Hans the Cobbler and a 20 minute ballet broke out.

Sarah E (nl) wrote: I love this movie so much! i also

Jayden C (mx) wrote: kool as man dis movie rulzzz

WA B (br) wrote: Well made, but ultimately pointless and unnecessary in run time.