Le Week-End

Le Week-End

Nick and Meg Burrows return to Paris, the city where they honeymooned, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and rediscover some romance in their long-lived marriage. The film follows the couple as long-established tensions in their marriage break out in humorous and often painful ways.

A British couple return to Paris many years after their honeymoon there in an attempt to rejuvenate their marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giel V (it) wrote: El Pelicula es sobre el beisbol, dos chicos de la RD son muy atleticos. El documentario es muy interessante, es una historia fenomenal.

Jason S (br) wrote: Questions Questions Questions

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Bill B (ru) wrote: Cronenberg and Mortensen make another tremendous film together, once again concerned with muddied character motivations and shifting identities. The quick bursts of brutal violence punctuate long bits of character development, with Mortensen looming large over the film, exuding menace just by standing there with a half-smile playing about his lips.Highly recommended.

Sylvester K (us) wrote: An absolutely not terrifying bio-horror. Scientist intends to play God by cloning a deceased son of a couple, little did they know the son isn't quite the son they had before. It was predictable and absolutely disastrous, essentially an Omen copycat. The only shock I got was not from the plot but from a woman knocking on the car window, yes, that was the only shock.

John A (jp) wrote: Watchable and likeable adventure of two young Argentinians, at least one of whom starts to feel a bigger calling.

Samuel D (es) wrote: A knock-out! Eduardo gives a pitch perfect performance. Don't compare it to Menento. It is in a class at its own.

Eric H (mx) wrote: Yes, this is a chick-flick, but there is also a sense of balance in the eternal battle of the sexes. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have incredible chemistry, bringing back the great interaction that made Pretty Woman a believable story.

The M (fr) wrote: It's no Thriller - They Call Her One Eye.But what it lacks in violence, it gains in nude shots of Christina Lindberg.

Jonny P (nl) wrote: "Cinderella Man" tells the redemptive story of depression-era boxer James J. Braddock. This story works on two levels. First, Braddock as a man who struggles to provide from his family when The Great Depression limits the number of jobs for working class men. Second, Braddock as a symbol of hope for all Americans who are struggling to get by. Director Ron Howard brings both of these levels together in this period drama. There has been criticism that Max Baer is inaccurately depicted as vicious bully. While he was known to be a gentleman outside of the ring, this depiction personifies the brute that he became inside of the ring; moreover, Baer is an important part of the film's symbolism as the American people must "get into the ring" with their hardships if they want to reverse their desperate situations. The period costumes and atmosphere are an important part of this film but the key to its success is Russell Crowe. He provides the emotions, expression, and believable boxing abilities necessary to connect with the audience as both a father and as a boxer. The other X-factor of this film is Paul Giamatti whose portrayal of manager Joe Gould was rightfully rewarded with an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Giamatti is one of my favorite character actors and he brings an incredible amount of heart to this performance. I was rather unimpressed with Rene Zellweger as Braddock's wife. She was an Oscar nominee three years in a row (including a win for "Cold Mountain") so I always have high expectations, but I found that most of the emotion in her scenes were a result of Crowe's acting and not her own. Everything is tied together by a beautiful score by Thomas Newman that keeps us focused on the heart of the story. This heart of the story is the hopes and dreams of America which seemingly all lay on the success of Braddock, though it also works as a great boxing film. The scenes are cut in a fast-paced yet easy to follow manner, which probably accounts of the Best Editing Oscar nomination. "Cinderella Man" is a solid picture that will please a diverse grouping of audience members. This is a great choice whether you are feeling down and looking for inspiration or simply in the mood to experience some American history.

Al M (br) wrote: A truly original horror film, Jug Face concerns a community of rural families who engage in a bizarre series of rituals involving a pit that is supposedly sentient or supernatural and local seer who carves jugs with the faces of people who will die soon. A harrowing and emotional look at customs, traditions, and social norms, Jug Face explores the consequences of going against social expectations. A visceral and intelligent critique of family and community, Jug Face elicits empathy as well as horror on a constant basis as it proceeds towards its conclusion.

Hrant B (us) wrote: This movie gets two stars just because of Samuel Jackson. This movie was boring and a semi confusing plot with no character development. Don't waste your time with this movie.