Leading Lady

Leading Lady

An idealistic British drama school teacher, Jodi Rutherford, persuades a cynical South African farmer to prepare her for a role in a major film as an Afrikaans war heroine. In return Jodi undertakes to direct the annual concert on the Willemse farm. Jodi's interaction with the quirky small town citizens and the stubborn Kobus, teaches her that: "there is more to life than lights... camera... and action!"

There is more to life than Hollywood's: lights, camera and action... or is there? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niraj V (nl) wrote: Having heard a lot about this one, I was determined to see it this afternoon. Having called up about 4 of my friends to see who would go with me, and all of them blowing me out, (you know who you are, and I know where you live, so beware!!!!!) I went off to see this one on my own.How glad I was that I did.What a well made movie, well, documentary actually.Its about the rise and even higher rising of the terrific West Indies cricket team under Clive Lloyd, the way the team came together and thrashed the living crap out of all the other cricketing nations.I was just another mad cricket fan in that era, so had really no idea of the political background of colonialism, apartheid or racism, and so this was an eye opener in many ways, and made me respect that team even more than I have done through the years.All my cricketing icons were on screen, Clive Llyod, Michael Holding, Andy Roberts, Deryck Murray, Gordon Greenidge, Colin Croft, and the great Vivian Richards. It was an absolute treat to hear them talk about that era, and the footage from those days was a pleasure to see.A very well made documentary, never losing its pace (!!!!!) and some excellent background music to keep the tempo going.I recommend this to you without reservation, and for you couch potatoes, this was released in 2011, so its out on DVD as well, so you have no excuse.WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean P (mx) wrote: 40 minutes in and I felt my IQ dropping to dangerously low levels. Avoid this one.

Julia L (au) wrote: pure dead brilliant.

Hilary D (fr) wrote: Some of them were good. Most of them were really artsy. 6 (ish) different stories completely unrelated. Started off really odd. I dunno, wasn't super great but was still worth watching if you're into artsy movies.

Simon D (au) wrote: Bill Murray is so annoying in this film, right from the start to the end you want to cringe. Even his make-up plastered on like he was a burns victim looks ridiculous. Richard Dreyfuss isn't much better, but you are supposed to not side with him, I couldn't help it. It was nice to see Julie Hagerty, who really is a funny actress. This is not very funny, predictable, but mostly annoying. Thankfully Bill Murray was rescued by Wes Anderson around this time.

Shawn W (kr) wrote: Sun worshippers hold a hot bikini contest to save the beach from a condo developer. Pressing social issues such as rainforest deforestation and overflowing landfills are also addressed. I'm not entirely sure the beach was saved but who cares.

AD V (es) wrote: Its been many a year since I last saw this T & A romp and apparently I saw it alot more than I realized because not only could I quote the movie here and there I actually found myself singing the theme song. Its the epitome of 80's sleeze in a purely fun way. There were even a few surprises this time 'round: Kane Hodder plays a small role called 'Older Geek' and he was a stunt coordinator. Kathleen Kinmont plays a hot, hot skater. And the song Party Time mostly known from Return of the Living Dead is in the film twice.

Greg W (mx) wrote: so so drama based on a neil simon play

dfw f (nl) wrote: Port of Call (1948) Hamnstad ["Harbour city"] Bergman's 5th film 2nd directing effort. Personal freedom is a major theme of this lovely, bleak, but not pessimistic, early Ingmar Bergman movie. This one of the his rare Swedish films focusing on family life. Its uniqueness is due to the fact that it has an eclectic mix of serious themes. These themes include bitter, harsh realities like abortion,broken home, correctional house etc. Bergman has deftly portrayed the dreary lives of its two lonely protagonists : Gosta and Berit. A lonely ship guy comes home to Sweden after 8 years at sea. His first day back- he saves a girl from drowning (herself). She is Bergit who has a trouble past. They fall in love. She hates the life she is trapped in and social workers monitor her and she is living with a strict overbearing mom . The mom herself is trapped in a horrible abusive marriage. Bergit is out of reformatory for girls (on kind of a probation). Will Gosta the sailor give her the love she needs and marry her? Meanwhile, Berit is desperate to be free: free from the badgering and manipulation of the mother she is forced to live with, free of the dirty work of the factory and free of her social worker and the constant threat of returning to reformatory school. Her already unhappy life is complicated when an old friend from the school desperately needs her help.. Bergman himself admitted the strong influence of Rossellini and Neo-Realism on this dockside drama, filmed partly on authentic Gothenburg locations. Bergman makes excellent use of his gritty, sea-front locations and doesn't shirk from showing the drudgery and misery his protagonists endure in their day-to-day lives. Although less typical of Bergman's style than most of his films, Port of Call is a good piece of work. A certain influence from Italian neo-realism may be found, and this is suited to the type of story told here. The fine handling of the actors does much to catch the interest of the spectator, and the life of the harbor has been well integrated into the plot. The film is a good example of his early film work before he had gathered the regular troupe of actors and characters that he would later mine for his more complex, psychological dramas. Later Bergman dramas would come to be associated with personal breakdowns, the alienation and isolation of the characters expressed partly in the remoteness of the outside locations Here, as in many of Bergman's early films (Summer Interlude, Summer With Monika, Torment) it's the outside location, the small-town attitudes and social restrictions on young people, particularly women, that influences the state of mind of the characters rather than represents it. Port of Call is consequentially a much more conventional social drama, a rite of passage for the young director. It is a typical example of the first period in Bergman's filmography that will reach its climax with "Summer with Monika". The story may sound cliched and naive at times, but it is its honesty that engages its viewers, as well as the masterful shots of the great Swedish director. This is the 5th film to be directed by Bergman, Port of Call is the first which shows him to full advantage. It is just as interesting on a visual scope as his films usually are While it lacks the sophistication and complexity of later Bergman films, Port of Call is nevertheless a very fine film. We yearn for Berit to find freedom from her unpleasant life, and most of all freedom from loneliness, just as we hope Gosta can free himself from jealousy and the specters of long-gone rivals for his affections. . This film was made in collaboration with cinematographer Gunnar Fischer, with whom he continued to work on seventeen other films (including Wild Strawberries and The Seventh Seal) until switching to another great cinematographer, Sven Nykvist. Although it pales in comparison to his more philosophical works, Bergman??s brief flirtation with social-realism is a work of quite some power, and, compared to most films of its day, decidedly adult in its depiction of difficult subject matter. I liked this film five stars.

The D (it) wrote: Low budget gem. Beautiful music (Oscar winner), simple story well told, and a writer-director Carney that had an uncorrupted vision. Had this been a polished studio film with a huge budget it likely wouldn't have worked. This is what art is all about.

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Adorable Tatum O'Neal, en esta entretenida pelicula de Peter Bogdanovich, nominada a varios premios el ao de su estreno.

Wasiq M (ru) wrote: not stalones best movie but still funny