Leapin' Leprechauns!

Leapin' Leprechauns!

A man tries to build a theme park on top of land that's secretly the home to friendly Leprechauns.

A man tries to build a theme park on top of land that's secretly the home to friendly Leprechauns. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omar M (gb) wrote: The first half is very strong with its flirtation with having a "Lost in Translation"-esque kind of story. However, it all goes downhill when the script decides to play it safe and bring in the gallons and gallons of sentimentality with the introduction of the typical estranged kids, cancer and other cliches.

Tommy H (kr) wrote: The movie focused too much on the controversy that surrounded Treadwell, too much on his death, and not enough on his life. I started out intrigued but found myself feeling indifferent after a while. And I'm not sure if those interviews were authentic or not but some were kind of weird and seemed scripted. The movie doesn't fail, though. Herzog wanted to tell the mans story and that's what he did. So if you like the man you'll like this eccentric documentary.

John S (gb) wrote: Not really that good. The characters aren't really that believable, except the one leading them in the jungle. And on that note the acting was just kind of bad overall. If you must see it, wait till cable.

Justin B (au) wrote: Another example of obvious studio interference specifically in an attempt to conform this to the slew of post-Scream horror movies. The film's plot and characters are so stripped down to where it felt as though I were sitting on the remote and kept skipping scenes.

Jason M (gb) wrote: A visual feast that conveys the evolution of the world over a series of speechless, video collages.The film is beautiful experience. It spawned a number of knock-offs and a sequel by the same filmmakers, Samsara (2011). I couldn't help thinking that The Tree Of Life (2011) ripped off elements from Baraka. However, I have not found another voiceless film that compares to this original masterpiece.

Adesh P (kr) wrote: Vivek mushran is locked somewhere in a haveli and Dilip kumar comes to rescue him but the problem is how to find him in such a huge haveli? I'll tell you- Dilip kumar starts singing "ILU....ILU" - cut to: Amrish Puri, he asks Gulshan grover- "Yeh ILU ILU kya hai?"Saudagar has plenty of such stupid moments, mostly in the last thirty minutes, yet it works big time. dilip kumar's performance, breath taking visuals(Ashok Mehta), typically larger than life laximant pyarelal songs and mostly engaging screenplay brings back the memories of certain films which were no matter how stupid, they had full conviction in what they showed- eventually making the whole film strangely very innocent, sweet and paisa vasool. I love Bollywood of this kind.

James K (mx) wrote: I am biased. I love baseball and this is an interesting baseball movie. And I love watching Drew Barrymore, and this movie's got her in it.Sometimes love needs a miracle, like the one when the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino.

Rodney E (fr) wrote: I haven't seen Thrashin since back in the day but it was pretty cool in that age. As a total nonskater who wasn't any good, it was either watch this or play Skate or Die.

Kianna S (fr) wrote: Jon Krasinski was great in this.