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Kay L (fr) wrote: Too bad the English one is going to ruin the story.

Katelyn B (au) wrote: Um... wow. It was a good movie, but... not my kind of movie. The little love triangle was too much for me - especially because these were supposed to be high school seniors. The whole thing was kind of far-fetched and ridiculous. Having said that though, the acting made it believable and real enough.

Jason M (ag) wrote: Movie of the year! Epic storytelling and great acting from the ensemble.

Sandra P (fr) wrote: not too bad but I still wonder how that lovely woman manages to be attracted to such a lifeless man..

Gavin P (it) wrote: Pretty good short, but nowhere near as good as Mary & Max - due mostly to the feature lenght allowing that film to flesh out the characters and story. Still very quirky and charming, and a little sad.

nick s (us) wrote: GREAT GREAT Movie Some critics are just that critical probably never even saw it. 1000 times better than the dumb avatar Bows and arrows again rpgs, helicopters, grenades etc. This was enjoyable!!! GREAT again Lots of twists and entertaining. I believe it could really happen!!! hit him again wtih the bag of oranges!!

Simon G (br) wrote: My friends and I used to watch this film a lot as teenagers and enjoyed it every single time. After watching this again around 15 years later I'm at a loss as to why. Quite terrible.

Paul D (au) wrote: This has to be one of Wes Craven's worst films. It is laughably bad, yet somehow occasionally interesting. Certainly nothing new being offered, and he has directed better horror films than this one.

Matty S (au) wrote: Time has not been kind, but there is still some life in this movie.

Bill B (es) wrote: A grim low budget story of a Vietnam vet set on the mean streets of NYC as he tries to maintain his increasingly slipping sanity, this one has a certain reputation behind it that I've always been curious about, so I was happy to finally give it a peep off the To-Watch Pile.It lives up to most of the hype, and would be recommended to most anyone who is a fan of low budget horror.

Scott M (es) wrote: I'll sit on the fence here, since though this film was not terrible, it wasn't that great either. For instance, why did the makers of this film toy around with the Doctor Who mythology?

Ryan H (kr) wrote: A Frank Capra movie that will leave you with a smile on your face.

samuel j (ag) wrote: An interesting and captivating western with an Oscar worthy performance from Sam Shepard. He's had a lot of great roles over the years, but this is his best since Days of Heaven.

Martin H (au) wrote: Gritty thriller with powerful performances from Jason Patric and Ray Liotta. 7/10

Samuel N (br) wrote: Great thrill ride might buy some day love the purge movies

Joey Q (ca) wrote: Robin Williams was an incredible actor and does what he does best. This film is insanely beautiful visually and has an amazing story to tell about love. It's a bit strange watching this movie including suicide after the events of Robins own untimely death. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a good tear jerker.

Evan G (ru) wrote: For an old school music lover who came before the "I don't pay for content" generation, I found this film to be both riveting & moving. I miss browsing those shelves at Tower and getting to Japan to do it once again has just been added on my bucket list.