Learning to Lie

Learning to Lie

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Steve M (it) wrote: Tom Stewart (Carlson), a third-rate ladies' man, lands himself a beautiful girl with more money than brains (Sanders) and is about to tie the knot> However, he first has to dispose of his former girlfriend, Vi (Jeding). Unfortunately for Tom, he failed to realize that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, whether she's alive or dead... and he soon finds himself haunted by Vi's floating head and other random detatched body parts. The "hero" of this film is perhaps the singularly most unlikable character I've ever been expected to feel sympathy for in a movie. Not only is Tom rotten to the core, but I get this child-molestor vibe off him whenever he's around his fiance's little sister. (Of course, part of that is because he thinks she may know that he killed Vi and he's working hard to gain her trust, and eventually he tries to do the ultimate slimeball thing and kill the little kid, but there's still that vibe...) The greatest problem with this film, and it's only partially because of its low budget, is the way things that are supposed to be scary--like when Vi's ghost manifests--are laughable. The overall flatness of the acting is also a crippling factor. Carlson does a good job as the ultimate scumbag, and little Susan Gordon gives a surprsingly good performance for a child actor... particularly when one considers that she probably got the part first and foremost by being the director's daughter. The film does have some interesting visual flourishes, and there are several suspenseful scenes that take place in an old lighthouse. In fact, [i]all[/i] the movies suspenseful scenes take place in the old lighthouse; whenever we get away from that location, things tend to drag a bit--except when Carlson is giving off "dirty old man" vibes around Gordon. The horror is strong at that point, whether the setting is the lighthouse or not. The basic idea of this film--which crosses a film noir sort of attitude with a ghost story--is one that appeals to me. The execution here is sorely lacking, however. Tormented Starring: Richard Carlson, Susan Gordon, Lugene Sanders, and Juli Jeding Director: Bert I. Gordon

Kristy B (us) wrote: I liked this movie more than I thought I would. I'm not really a fan of Kevin Costner but he is wonderful as Mr. Brooks. The rest of the cast are great as well. The ending came to suddenly and I was a little disappointed but overall a pretty good movie, worth watching, especially appealing to fans of movies with serial killers etc.

Joseph H (fr) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Justin G (kr) wrote: Trailer was scarier.

Anna B (au) wrote: Kind of...insane and ridiculous, but never less than watchable, although it was obviously shot on low-grade HD equipment. I really need to see the first two.

Meaghan C (kr) wrote: O my gah. I thought this film was made in the early 90's... 2001? WHAT?

Rosanne S (us) wrote: Saw it after having read the book, and I got a lot more of the emotional impact of the story from the book. The movie was pretty visually, and I liked Fiennes and Blanchett in their roles, but really didn't feel the full impact on film.

Tyler R (br) wrote: I really tried. This movies plot was ridiculous and made no sense. The acting and dialogue was so bad and the pacing was so slow I stopped watching it after 45 mins. Pass on this one.

Stuart S (nl) wrote: A fascinating noir style film masking an excellent police procedural with early crime lab help from the "Legal Medicine" department at Harvard School of Medicine. The doc on the DVD referred to it as a "CSI: Noir". Definitely good stuff, filmed on location around Harvard in Cambridge and around the Boston area. Wonderful performance by Lanchester as the scheming blackmailer landlady of the murdered girl, and Montalban as Lt. Morales is surprisingly effective. Screenplay by Leonard Spigelgass, who also worked on the Damon Runyon-derived "The Big Street" as well as "I Was a Male War Bride" and "All Through the Night."

Joseph B (kr) wrote: Jean Cocteau's 1930 film "The Blood of a Poet" is a surrealist film split up into four parts, but what do these parts mean? It is an incredibly well-made film and has an almost dream like structure. People come and go as do objects and images.

Kelly W (jp) wrote: I really don't know if I love it or hate it.

Eduardo R (kr) wrote: The Hours is nothing more than an enjoyable drama, but the credit goes to the excellent performances.

Sarah L (au) wrote: enjoyable enough. most exciting part was seeing my bro on the big screen tho :-)

Carla S (fr) wrote: I expected more. Had a pretty decent soundtrack though.

John W (ru) wrote: It's kinda typical and not many twists or turns but I have to say this movie has one of the best villains one of those guys that will rub your back after slitting your throat. Crazy isn't strong enough of a word for him. If you like action survival then this is your movie just don't go in looking for great acting or story and you'll enjoy this.