Birch, a young man living in the Catskill Mountains, reunites with his childhood friend from the city, Andrew.

Birch, a young man living in the Catskill Mountains, reunites with his childhood friend from the city, Andrew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantel D (ag) wrote: First things first, this movie made me really uncomfortable!! This kind of thing happens all the time (not to the letter, but you know...) and it's very sad. One parent bails, and the other is left behind to try and do it on their own. This story tells of a 13 year old girl's struggle with said situation. Very good little Newfie movie!! Check it out.

Shawn B (au) wrote: This was not as funny as I thought it was going to be

emily h (es) wrote: ukk pretty awful I fell asleep for some of it, not sure how my boyfriend made it all the way through

James L (au) wrote: One of the best Halloween films I have seen in a long time! Very entertaining, And very very scary as well as bloody.Only complaint is I wish it could have been longer... I do feel they could have expanded it more by making a longer run time for the film.

Paul C (de) wrote: a real disappointment for a fan of the Kenzie Gennaro series of books. This was a poor representation of these characters. Casey Affleck- cmon man!

YaYa H (ag) wrote: Not bad, not the same old plot but a thriller I don't think so.

YU KN F33L M PN (nl) wrote: i thought it was a good movies although it was kind of pridictable but other than that it was a great movie

Donald P (mx) wrote: I watched part of the other bio. with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, didn't like it. But this version is very good. With a great cast, including Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Gweneth Patrow, and Jeff Daniels. Well made about a little man with a big talent!

Darrin C (kr) wrote: This film was hysterical! Of course, you yourself should be a fanboy to catch all the winks and references that were packed full in this movie as it makes nonstop fun of itself. Very satisfying especially if you don't mind some Trekkie humor as well!

Seda C (ru) wrote: issizlik konusu...5 kafadarn hayatna etkisi..bueno..

Paul N (au) wrote: An all round good film, well directed, well acted and a good story, even if the end was stunningly predictable.

Anna G (jp) wrote: Saw about 20 minutes of it and I was really bored.

Robert L (br) wrote: Quand les francais se plante, il ne rate jamais leur coup.

Menardo P (ru) wrote: I love this Moive is got action, is sexy and the most of all Maggie Q Rocks!

Nick D (ca) wrote: The birth of found-footage horror.~

Jay B (br) wrote: Stigmata is a pretty interesting little "possession" film with some very solid performances. If you love the '90s, look no further... from the music, the fashion, the editing... film doesn't get much more '90s than Stigmata. Granted, it's a bit anticlimactic for my taste, but still an entertaining ride.

noel r (au) wrote: wicked sidney classic him on form must see