Leave Your Hands on My Hips

Leave Your Hands on My Hips

Odile is 42 years old actress and single mother. One day her 18 year old daughter decided to leave her and start living with the boyfriend. All of a sudden alone in her empty house, the anguish takes over...

Odile has 42 years, an actress and single mother. One day, her 18 year old daughter decided to live alone... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mike h (br) wrote: i luv watching the leg man in stuff, its nice too see him in something like this, man he was great in the pest, this movies prbably not for everyone, but its got that edge too it, and might strike a chord with you. johnny legs keep cranking them out and of course theres a few of my other fave actors in this one rosie, ally, radha, griffin, hey i love movies set in new york, who doesnt, that city is my favorite character

John P (kr) wrote: Attention people of Earth: Do not panic when you go to see this movie! Space Milkshake is a hilarious sci-fi comedy, set in space, that follows adventures of 4 astronauts. Their space station is boarded by a strange visitor (evil giant duck!) and all life on Earth disappeared. While they're trying to figure out what happened on Earth they must attempt to save their own lives. It kind of a reminds me of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy just with less budget. This movie will give you a lot of fun if you just don't take it too seriously and watch it open-minded. The CG in this movie is decent and is used only when needed. Acting is great and jokes are very funny. I highly recommend this movie!

David J (kr) wrote: As Cinema and Entertainment this movie gets pretty low marks, However information was delivered somewhat well...The film doesn't really work as any sort of explanation of the actual Israeli Palestinian conflict, it being far too old and wide spread, however it IS a nice look at taking matters into your own hand and not being content with what government hands you!

Linda B (ru) wrote: eh...not as funny as I had hoped. Definitely not a classic

Mike S (mx) wrote: This arty documentary film tries to use the act of being struck by lightning as a metaphor for the role of chance and randomness in life, but is not wholly successful. There are seven separate stories here, but only two of them are woven throughout the length of the film. Each story is told by those who participated in them, but the editing sometimes makes it difficult to grasp the flow of each tale. One of the segments is about an improvisational guitarist who has his brainwaves mapped while playing. He was not struck by lightning, but we are meant to draw parallels between his brain activity and the randomness of lightning. The movie allows its subjects to tell their stories in their own way and does not try to impose an over-arching narrative on them. It is ambitious and thoughtful, with some gorgeous time-lapse storm scenes, but in the end, it fails to leave behind much of an impression (much like lightning itself, in fact).

Lucile D (nl) wrote: trs drle, potique, trange... absurde aussi at times

Oh B (br) wrote: The worst movie I've ever seen.

Shawn R (jp) wrote: First time I ever saw a John Wayne movie. Pretty good movie with a couple good character actors.

Dave B (ca) wrote: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Radley Metzger. The legend.

Joshua LF M (au) wrote: The title should be a hint, but if spiders give you the willies, Arachnophobia will be your own personal horror show. The icky factor is dialed to a 10, providing some effective moments of skin-crawling. In other words, Arachnophobia is a deliciously fun ride, with genuine thrills and legitimate laughs.The amusingly self-aware plot is that by unfortunate chance, a deadly Venezuelan spider was transported to a small town where the spiders quickly multiplied and begin killing various town residents. The nest is, rather coincidentally, located in the farm of arachno-phobic, Ross Jennings.It is so rare to see a film get this mix of comedy, chills, and thrills down so perfect. Never does one element seem to outweigh the other. The tongue-in-cheek delivery of the story is highly enjoyable, and there are some genuinely creepy-crawly scenes. All of this leads up to a thrilling (and chilling) climax that is fantastic fun.There is a lot of mastery in the build-up in this film. Spiders are often dancing around potential victims, tantalizing the audience with another gruesome death. Will it bite her? Will she notice it? We watch with morbid curiosity and a grin as we writhe with anticipation and (perhaps slightly twisted) delight. The spiders are nearly as creepy as they could possibly be. They're silent and quick. They can jump (which adds a whole new layer of terror). And some are quite large. We see them hide in food, and exit out of victim's nostrils. Arachnophobia creates a sense of paranoia that will stay with you long after the film has ended.And yet, the creepiness is kept from getting too nerve-wracking thanks to its self-aware attitude and campy spirit, which insures a fun time, even when you're chewing your nails away and intermittently brushing off your shoulder.Jeff Daniels as Ross Jennings isn't given as much to work with as some of the other cast members, but he makes for a likable lead. The real stand-out, however, is John Goodman as Delbert McClintock, who provides the biggest laughs of the film, and steals all of his scenes. He's woefully underused, however, as he appears in just a handful of short scenes. The supporting cast also has their share of funny bits, including Stuart Pankin, Roy Brocksmith, and Kathy Kinney.Trevor Jones' score is surprisingly fun. The cheesy and dated music (an unintended result that has come with age) adds to the fun, and the pleasant town melodies make the comic build-up to the spiders' reign even more chuckle-worthy.Arachnophobia is a surprisingly clever and smartly made movie. It provides a satisfying blend of comedy and suspense, coupled with solid performances and a hot heaping of camp. It's fun, it's reasonably creepy, and just a really good time. Watch it with friends and have a blast.

Logan M (ca) wrote: Tiresomely lowbrow, "Happy Gilmore" is easier to take than most Sandler comedies, but is too cruel to recommend.

Adam W (it) wrote: Fairly bland comedy where the lack of laughs is hidden behind 80's Nostalgia.