Leaves Out of the Book of Satan

Leaves Out of the Book of Satan

After seeing D. W. Griffith's epic Intolerance, Denmark's greatest director, Carl Theodor Dreyer (The Passion of Joan of Arc, Vampyr), was inspired to make his own four-episode historical ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh T (mx) wrote: This is a great film, but I just want to be a purist for a minute. During the end credits when they list deceased rappers they put H.A.W.K. and later on your see Big HAWK. Just so everyone knows... thats the same person. Kinda gridded my gears.

danny d (ca) wrote: this was an intense film. everytime i see piper perablo on screen i like her more, and guy pearce is going to be a great actor for a considerable period of time. this film was creative and different, but ultimately the story wasnt intriguing enough to make it worth while. i enjoyed it, but it was fairly bland and didnt offer much more than a little entertainment value.

Hyam Q (mx) wrote: it's really nice !! but the end is sad !!

Leonard D (it) wrote: It's scary, but kinda falls apart due to the twist of.......water. WATER!? SERIOUSLY!?

Wes S (br) wrote: Picking up in the aftermath of a high school shooting, this film deals with some very controversial issue's surrounding the epidemic of school shootings and the frame of mind teens must be in to commit such horrible crimes. The story focuses on two high school girls who are on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Forced by her principal to visit academic star Deanna (Erika Christensen) who is in the hospital after a bullet grazed her scalp, cynical and guarded social outcast Alicia (Busy Philips) develops an unlikely bond with with the straight laced upper class girl from an affluent family. Along the way, their rocky friendship forces Deanna to take off her mask she puts on in school and deal with the trauma of what happened. And likewise Alicia is forced to open up old wounds from her very dark past when the police find out she was acquainted with the shooter and she mysteriously disappeared from school for over a year prior to the shooting.This film has some very solid acting that is on par with the powerful and controversial story. Very powerful film that deals with the emotional powdercake that high schools have become today with their social cliques and all the issues teens deal with today.

Justin E (fr) wrote: This won awards. Big cast of Boring.

Shafquat G (es) wrote: once my friend Jewel vai said, " Juliette Binoche, Juliette Binoche and Juliette Binoche." I want to ad few more. Juliette Binoche, Juliette Binoche and only Juliette Binoche.

Tim B (ag) wrote: I love it when a horror movie becomes successful and every little loser filmmaker tries to copy what is "in" with their first debut and never work again. This one tried to not only rip off "Child's Play" but also felt the need to rip off "The Omen." It's not sure which one it feels like being for longer than 10 minutes and ends up being a huge mess. I'll start off with the fact that the little girl in this family is obviously possessed and the family can't seem to figure it out. The little girl is obsessed with her Dolly, speaks like Regan from "The Exorcist" and mouths off to her parents a lot. Even if the little girl wasn't possessed, they could've easily grounded her and solved the plot ten minutes in. The parents don't know anything about discipline and that made me hate them. The son is almost as bad and seems to be the "hero" of this piece. That would've been fine if he was a real kid. He acts like a 32 year old underdeveloped adult (let's go to a murder scene by ourselves!). The dolls are pretty funny to watch and were not scary in the least bit. A good kick to them would've solved everybody's problem. I couldn't even root for the bad guys in this one! That's pretty sad. Maria Lease has no sense of suspense what-so-ever. She has some decent shots but it takes more than that to keep a horror movie entertaining. Ridiculously boring... Denise Crosby did an okay job but the TP script didn't help her. Sam Bottoms is pathetic as the pathetic father. Chris Demetral was the one I hated most and he's supposed to be the hero! Candace Huston made some scenes somewhat creepy and given better material, I could've seen her go places. Rip Torn shows up for about two seconds and does nothing. I will admit to the dollhouse scenes being creepy but that's NOTHING compared to the rest I had to sit through. This isn't even fun on a cheese level. This is boring, tedious and lame to watch. Stick with ANY of the Child's Play movies (even Seed of Chucky is more suspenseful and it's pretty much a flat out comedy!) and avoid this one. Outrageous.

Wanda (br) wrote: Excellent true story of what a race horse endures to become the best. Definitely worth renting.

Michael T (mx) wrote: For years, this MGM remake of ROBERTA kept the original from being seen; a stellar cast performs the lovely Jerome Kern score well, but a draggy middle section hurts it. Musical highlights include Ann Miller's "I'll Be Hard to Handle," and The Champions have two stand-out dance numbers; Vincente Minnelli directed the fashion show finale.

Dave U (au) wrote: This should be remade. Great film, but a few places where the story was weak...

Anna T (it) wrote: To be more correct, I want to finish it. Didn't get to, and I was kind of curious to see the ending.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Easily one of the finest American action films of the '80s. However, this film has a lot more going for it than one may think. Firstly, the phenomenal chemistry between Gibson and Glover, which is helped by a great deal of improvisation friendly direction from the great Richard Donner. All while sporting, possibly, the best performance of Mel Gibson's career.If, somehow, none of that interests you; Shane Black's script is a masterpiece, and the action is spectacular.

Eric C (br) wrote: Actually better than Death Wish. Not Death Wish 3, mind you, just the original Death Wish. And the new blu-ray from Blue Underound is outta sight! I ain't bullshittin'!