Leaving Normal

Leaving Normal

A female buddy story in which Meg Tilly plays a child-like 20-something who has just walked out on her abusive husband. Darly (Christine Lahti) is fleeing a life as a waitress and stripper and is on her way to Alaska to claim a home and family she abandoned eighteen years earlier after giving birth. The two run into each other on the road and Darly welcomes the company as they head north from Wyoming.

A female buddy picture whose initial run was handicapped by being released after "Thelma and Louise." The film chronicles Marianne and Darly's cross country adventure, the hardships and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott T (ca) wrote: Shockingly bad the idea was good but the implementation was awfullToo many continuity errors more so where ships and helicopters were used Also dialogue errors "USS Cyclops was a cargo ship carrying coal" Wrong it was a US navy purpose built COLLIER signfcatly different from a cargo ship of the period, also firing a rocket launcher insde a chopper not a good idea

conny c (es) wrote: A story of 71 student soldier trainees who fought an impossible war against seasoned North Korean army during Korean War which broke out in 1950. Based on real history, the film delicately depicts the fierce battle that teenage student soldiers fall into as they fight to protect the final defense line by themselves when under a surprise attack and their emotions and conflicts as they experience the grown-ups' war.

Joel S (mx) wrote: one of the most entertaining over the top action movies made in this decade.

Marco F (it) wrote: What a sloppy, unfunny mess this movie is. GONE FISHIN' is a terrible waste of two great talents- the entire film depends on Joe Pesci and Danny Glover being funny- and it gives them no material to even attempt to be funny.

Franois M (ru) wrote: Une comdie romantique plutt banale, mais tout de mme agrable regarder. On ne rinvente pas la roue, c'est souvent clich, mais y'a des ides intressantes qui font de la chose un moment bien correct.

Linda F (mx) wrote: Two Thumbs Up Siskel And Ebert

Taylor J (mx) wrote: Wow! Horrible acters but ethan stiefel is such an amazing dancer in real life.

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: "Your mother made her specialty, spam with cream sauce."-Mr. Springboro (Roger Bowen)-BURP- A terrible movie in terms of script and production, but still fun. Not quite as dirty as most R-rated 80's teen comedies.

Alison P (us) wrote: Sheesh. Susan Hayward could probably act her way right out of jail if she had ever been imprisoned before her unfortunate demise. Great theory piece for law students who study criminal law elements such as sentencing, corrections and the death penalty.

Rick Q (ru) wrote: who would have thought the biggest bitch in film history thus far would be a nine year old girl? not i, but she is mary tilford in william wyler's fantastic "these three". the children in the film are wonderful, something you rarely see in cinema. natural and not over the top performances. that's what wyler got out of them.

Lisa Michelle A (gb) wrote: Sounds decent enough.

Janetta B (fr) wrote: I have been all over best buy looking for this flick!!!!!I love this movie..

Sam B (ru) wrote: Shakespeare's best trip and hardest fall start on a road that reaches around the world.

Robert H (us) wrote: Not even Morgan Freeman can save this bargain-basement, cookie-cutter heist movie. It's fairly standard for the genre, but it gets bogged down by a pointless romantic subplot and all goodwill is lost with a couple of third-act plot twists that don't make any sense.