Lebassi Baraye Arossi

Lebassi Baraye Arossi

A woman orders a suit from a tailor for her young son to wear to her sister's wedding. The tailor's apprentice, together with two other teenage boys who work in the same building, devise a ...

  • Category:Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Iran
  • Director:Abbas Kiarostami
  • Writer:Parviz Davayi (screenplay), Abbas Kiarostami (screenplay)

A woman orders a suit from a tailor for her young son to wear to her sister's wedding. The tailor's apprentice, together with two other teenage boys who work in the same building, devise a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul Z (br) wrote: Generically speaking, Fay Grim is a highly entertaining thriller featuring two of the most inexorably enjoyable names in American movies, unshakably beautiful and gracefully spunky Parker Posey and endlessly charismatic and unavoidably hilarious Jeff Goldblum. They have many scenes in the first half of the film in which we see these two insatiable presences volleying off of each other, even radiating with charm when Goldblum rolls off Hartley's shamelessly epic info-dumps. Nevertheless, if one were to deconstruct Fay Grim, one would see many instances in which countless scenes could've been squeezed for much more benefit than they have resulted in being.This sort of filmed in-joke is the sequel to Hal Hartley's Henry Fool, which was made ten years earlier. It has title character Posey forced by CIA agent Goldblum to track down the notebooks that were the precious possessions of her missing fugitive husband, the predecessor's titular anti-hero. Available within them is information that could concede the safety of the United States. Fay first makes for Paris to get a hold of them but becomes engulfed in a bona fide celebration of espionage clichs featuring everything from car bombs to ambiguous helpers to Following the Girl to double-crosses to triple-crosses.The primary appeal of it all for me is that it's such a novel approach to the sequel of a movie about a garbageman and a struggling novelist in a small town. In the original Henry Fool, Posey played a simple woman leading a very simple life. Hartley's talents do not reach the heights of many of the other independent newbies from the 1990s, but I do admire his wild creativity in making an inadvertent Nearne sister out of her, giving her a terrific predicament, as he did to her character's brother, played by James Urbaniak, in Henry Fool, as she is trapped between whether or not she may still love her overwhelming refugee husband and the problematic but forceful plans of Goldblum.Hartley, however, is simply riding on that fragmentary idea. His plot, though complex and labyrinthine, true to the form of the spy film, it seems as if to be entirely capricious. The reason I was not bored was mostly due to the pace at which the story unfolds, not to mention the presence of Posey and Goldblum. The problem with the remainder of Hartley's cast is that I cannot seem to become fond of the rest of them. It has nothing to do with how obscure they are compared to the relative star power of the two said charm masters, but with how they don't seem to hold their own alongside them, though Saffron Burrows certainly comes close. Most of the scenes not involving Posey or Goldblum are far too light on their feet, stringing us along with info-dumps we have no choice but to listen to or else be totally lost in the ensuing sequence of scenes. They are shot almost entirely in tiled angles, as if Hartley is compensating for that implacable feeling of a lack of material.Liam Aiken, however, playing the now teenage son of Fay and Henry, has a certain allure about him, seeming wise beyond his years, certainly much wiser than any of the adult characters. Perhaps Hartley intended that, or maybe it's simply Aiken's presence. The problem with a Hartley film is that you never quite know what was intended and what just happens to be there. As Scorsese said, "Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out." One has to be able to trust that what we see is a conscious decision by the filmmaker to remain in the finished film.

Bradford D (gb) wrote: If you have read Neal Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle series and enjoyed them, then this story about the solution to the longitude problem will satisfy your need to continue that same blend of science and history. It deftly weaves elements of science and history into what is primarily a drama of two men's obsessions with building the perfect timepiece. It is both a fascinating and fun adventure.

Greg B (es) wrote: Another of my dvd picks this week. The one time the Farrelly Bros. stretched a bit. A nice little coming of age story...pretty funny stuff. Alec Baldwin as the father steals every scene he's in.One of my favorite lines ever is when Baldwin is talking to his teenage son about sex. :"Sex is like Chinese food. It over til you both get your cookies." Think I'll use that one myself someday

Jack H (au) wrote: HEY LOOK EVERYBODY, IT'S A FILM WITH SAMUEL L. JACKSON IN!!! Wait a sec, he's in it for about five minutes... I can't give Def By Temptation a fresh score and if you watched the film you would understand why. I thought the story was quite good and I enjoyed the film, but it looks like they filmed this with a second hand nineteen sixties camera. Some of the effects are the worst I have ever seen, I have seen better in B-movies thirty or forty years older than this. Overall it was ok and I recommend you watch this just to laugh at some of the effects.

Jamie T (us) wrote: Saw this a few times as a kid. It was all right, but I had some complaint about it that kept me from really liking it. Who knows. I want to see it again.

Kenny N (nl) wrote: The sequel is never as good as the original. But that doesn't mean there's some creepy thrills and nasty fun to be had here. This time, George A. Romero, the director of the original, hands the reigns over to the first film's cinematographer, Michael Gornick. But Romero stays on board to contribute the screenplay, based, once again, on short tales of terror from the one and only Stephen King. Regrettably, there's only 3 stories here, but there are more than enough scares to make up for it. First, in "Old Chief Woodn'head," vengeance comes from an unlikely source. In the second, my favorite one here, "The Raft," four college kids decide to go swimming at an isolated lake. But they soon discover they're not alone. There's something in the water, and it wants them. Finally, "The Hitchhiker," (no relation to the HBO anthology series of the same name), where a hit and run driver is driven to madness when her terrible act comes back to haunt her. Overall, not as good as the original, but definitely worth checking out. Oh, and thanks for the ride, Michael Gornick!

Brad G (de) wrote: I just don't get this movie. Or at least this movie doesn't get me. Again, maybe it's like Easy Rider where you have to have lived that particular aspect of that particular time, but at least with Easy Rider the road movie is majestic and Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper are so damn iconic. Watching Jack Nicholson directorial debut, I just despised all the characters involved; wanted to smack the pretension outta their political standings. I can see the beginnings of Jack's One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest and there are some nice bits...but damn, I really hate these folks. VF.

Greg W (es) wrote: wrong year s/b 1956 in this musical version of 'the philidelphia story"

Sam M (au) wrote: Loved it, always a Murphy classic. Awesome Mercedes.

Wahida K (ag) wrote: A very poor version of Countess Elizabeth Bethory.

Joanna B (fr) wrote: Have you ever wondered what you would do with infinite abilities? If you could unleash brains full potential, bypass human imperfection and acquire a four digit IQ with no repercussions, how would you change your life?Struggling novelist Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) has a sad case of writers block, shocking personal hygiene, and a girlfriend, Lindy (Aussie actress Abbie Cornish) who just can't bare to be around him any longer. Drinking his sorrows away at 2pm in the afternoon, Eddie bumps into his ex-brother-in-law and drug pedaling sleazebag Vernon (Johnny Whitworth). After spilling his guts about his woes, Vernon slips Eddie a taster of an unreleased but FDA approved smart drug NZT which he claims will solve all Eddie's problems.Skeptical at first, Eddie's temptation wins and he pops the clear mothers-little-helper pill. Within 30 seconds his senses become laser sharp, everything he has ever seen, heard or read is instantly organized in his brain and readily able to be intuitively accessed by his subconscious as required to accomplish a task.Focused and confident, Eddie writes over 90 pages of his novel, cleans his entire filthy apartment and produces his overbearing landlord's school thesis in one night.Ascertaining a large stash of NZT in a rather unsavory way, Eddie maintains his chemically induced overdrive becoming a multilingual, piano playing, day-trading prodigy attracting the attention of broker mega-merging mogul Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro).With the photographic memory of an analytical supercomputer, Eddie quickly becomes Van Loon's right hand man. Living the high life, parting and making millions, Eddie pops his daily designer drug without conscience or consequence, until he meets three equally challenging complications.One, surviving the unrevealed highly toxic side effects of always working at 100%, Two the accessibility of replenishing his dwindling supply and three fighting off the entanglement of a mob loan shark and several other disreputable types who know his secret. With Eddie's meteoric ascent in jeopardy, life becomes real once again. Applying whatever is left of his mental enhancement; Eddie must court his considerable risks and find a way to get free of it all.A sci-fi essay of wish fulfillment, Limitless' fascinating premise about the destructive nature of addiction, mesmerizing special effects and the inherent charm and sexy swagger that is Bradley Cooper marries into an entertaining if not forgetful thriller. Based on Alan Glynnis novel The Dark Fields, Director Neil Burger along with screenwriter Leslie Dixon have streamlined, simplified and hollywoodized this project to within an inch of its brilliance. Lacking the heart, soul and morals of its origins, the seductive assortment of trippy camera editing hide the ridiculousness of the films imperfections. Although filled with unrealized ideas that fail to resonate; some wicked one liners are delivered sardonically with the use of the intermittent self voice-over narration tool. One particularly cleaver scene where typewriter words fall from the sky as Eddies supercharged brain ticks over is wonderfully executed. The Verdict: As Eddies brain begins to work so fast it gets away from him resulting in multiple Eddies, the story gets away from the viewer resulting in a lack of empathy for the situations. Sadly Cooper's sex appeal can't hide its one night stand staying power...Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 25/03/2011

Russell S (es) wrote: Oddly harder to maintain a suspension of disbelief than it is for Who Framed Roger Rabbit but then this is much wackier movie that's really all about the gags. It moves fast which helps a lot and the gags hit more often than they miss. You may only watch this once but it's fun while it lasts.

Daniel T (es) wrote: Every great director reaches a point in their career when they begin to lose what it was that made them great to begin with. Allen might be getting there, but it isn't with this film of his. What makes this film great is the subject it deals with: literature, art, romance, relationships, and life. What also makes this film great is the cast. Wilson is Allen in this film. The wit, charm, and neurosis of Allen in Annie Hall is re-embodied in Wilson during this film. While the film could have easily been transformed into a drama, which is probably what most directors would do with this film, it isn't. Allen turns it into a thoughtful and sentimental comedy, which is why this film is great.

Josh S (mx) wrote: Just a really stupid movie.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Reminds me of "Casablanca" for some reason. Perhaps the setting. (Although this was made before that, so... hmmm...) There's a hilarious scene--though I'm not sure they intended it to be--where they drop nitroglycerine on a flock of condors.

Asa B (br) wrote: Putting aside the massive gaps in story, the bloody awful plinky-plonk soundtrack, the predictable storyline, the sitcom feel and the overly precocious child, it is actually a mediocre film.