Leela is the story of Leela, an aware, liberal woman who struggles with the true meaning of independence. It is also the story of Krishna, born of Indian parents in America but uncomfortable with his hyphenated existence. Leela then is a universal story of two paths that cross each other and pause a moment before moving on.

Leela is a film based on the South Asian-American experience. By providing a dynamic expression of the struggles and celebrations of the expatriate lifestyle, Leela has the potential to be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becs D (mx) wrote: A brilliant theatrical interpretation of the mind of britains most infamous prisoner, a fantastic performance by Tom Hardy

Patricia B (ag) wrote: A HEARTWRENCHING MOVIE!

Brenda H (mx) wrote: a favorite--for sentimental reasons

Matthew J (jp) wrote: Incredibly fun and hilarious i found myself laughing histericly all the way trough.

Fong K (us) wrote: Should be given the same top grade as DEAD POET'S SOCIETY in the class of teacher movies, this little unsung inspirational classroom drama based on the Hispanic Calculus teacher Jaime Escalante vindicates the adage - they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Danny G (ag) wrote: I give it star for the boobies and Scatman Crothers :) The movie is corny as hell, unintentionally funny and just plain ol dreadful all the way thru lol

Matti K (fr) wrote: Nerokkaan kreivi Alucard -salanimen taakse katkeytyva vampyyrimme saapuu syvaan etelaan, jossa veren pitaisi olla vetta sakeampaa. Siella Draculaa odottaa kaikenlaisesta makaaberista kiinnostunut esigootti-neitokainen, joka on valmis laittamaan perheensa, kihlattunsa, ystavansa ja kaiken muunkin likoon saavuttaakseen ikuisen elaman.Lon Chaney Jr ei ole ehka kaikkien aikojen karismaattisin Dracula ja kunnon loppukliimaksi jaa syntymatta, mutta vinkeilla erikoistehosteilla varustettu elokuva on siita huolimatta Universal-kauhua sielta paremmasta paasta.

Randy B (br) wrote: An inspirational feelgood story of a troubled but ultra-talented Filipino, who gets discovered via youtube while singing songs of Journey with his cover band in the Philippines. A look into the tremendously rare modern cinderella story of Arnel Pineda's, we get to know his story well, and lots of great interviews with the bandmates as we follow them on tour. As a documentary, very well done. To the Steve Perry fans out there (me!), a small amount of footage, mentions, and homage -- all respectful...but to "us"...there truly is no replacement.

Fiorella M (gb) wrote: bad bad bad, jessica alba is just plain awful actrees