Leelai is a Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Andrew Louis and produced by Ramesh Babu. It stars d├ębutantes Shiv Pandit and Manasi Parekh in lead roles along with Santhanam and Suhasini Raju in pivotal roles

A guy who is just a flirt, finds his true love and has to change his identity to make it a success. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Leelai torrent reviews

Alain F (us) wrote: larry at his best :D

Brian R (de) wrote: Great ass basketball movie.

Ronald S (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this film. its set in italy during the anni di piombo and one of the main characters is a photographer so that was three of my current interests pandered too straight away. A good European style thriller i thought with unpleasent things happening to flawed people with (fairly) believable motivations. There are worse ways to pass a couple of hours.

Jrmie F (jp) wrote: Some part where good, but some of the acting and some scenes were bad.

Jennifer O (ag) wrote: I have lost a review, probably quadruple-posted on a thread, and have lost my temper over enough trvial crap today to put me in a bad mood for a few hours. I changed my journal colors for a while. Purple was the only color I'd avoided due to its popularity among a few friends, but I could not resist it any longer. [b]I gave 19 or 20 people the boot,[/b] but I doubt they'll notice so all is right with the world for now. I am really looking forward to seeing [b]300[/b] or[b] ZODIAC[/b] this weekend. I was going to waste an hour ranting about the stupidity of both [b]Pulse[/b] and[b] Boogeyman[/b], but I'd rather sort my socks and count spare pennies I have lying around. They suck balls. Major ones. End of reviews.

April M (us) wrote: If You haven't seen every hepburn, then you are missing out. I love it when she is "drunk" and talking to spencer on a "ship"

Travis L (gb) wrote: Great action film set in the City of Lights. Enjoyed the Travolta/Rhys-Meyers pairing & the surprise plot twist that occurs in the film.

ray s (kr) wrote: Bad Dialouge And Most Of The Acting Sucked But I Liked The Storyline Its Worth A Watch If U Have Time