Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

The dead walk the earth. Everyone is dead. Four survivors will work together in order to survive. Will you survive? Or will you be LEFT 4 DEAD

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Left 4 Dead torrent reviews

Mark A (nl) wrote: A quiet, slow-paced tale of a gentle giant who becomes obsessed with a girl at work. Jara (Horacio Camadule) is a night shift security guard for a giant supermarket who begins stalking one of the cleaning ladies, Julia (Leonor Svarcas). She may not be ??hot?? but she is pleasant to look at and obviously the best thing he??s seen in a while, and she does have a wonderful smile. There is little dialog, and Jara??s inability to take the initiative can grate on one??s nerves. As someone said, the viewer almost wants to reach through the screen and slap the guy. ??So TALK to her already!?? But really, the film doesn??t pull any punches. It is what it is and you will either find yourself invested and waiting (and waiting) to see how it plays out, or you will tire and move on to other things. This viewer is happy he made the investment and was rewarded with a sweet, plausible outcome. Not recommended for Bruce Willis/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Sylvester Stallone fans. If you like it low-key, however, this is your film.

James L (nl) wrote: Standard horror fair, the edgy, hand held camera tension of the first two just isn't there, pretty forgettable.

Corpse M (nl) wrote: If you watched and liked the movie casshern then you already have an idea of the style for which they use in goemon. Its almost like they purposely over-use cgi to create their own unique visual experience. My problem with cgi is when someone creates some sort of creature and trys to make it look real, ultimatly leading to my disbelief. With goemon however they know that it looks fake and thats exactly what they were trying to do. The result is visually amazing, there are so many scenes from this movie that look more beutifull than 95% any movie out there. Yeah the plot is quite robin hood like but it also has a bit of a mind of its own and my attention was held with a firm grip throughout the whole movie. Recommended highly for people who like things different.

Private U (fr) wrote: gonna go out on a limb and give this one 5 stars. call me crazy.

Brett F (jp) wrote: Beautifully shot and well acted. Who cares about the book. This film is a stand alone masterpiece of its own work in time. Not only does it have a history lesson, but it helps understand ourselves as metaphysical beings through philosophy and psychology.

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: Say Yay for nudity.... OK, maybe too much nuidty? The film was not scary, just filled with gratuitous nudity and sexual reference. Clearly a video nasty type of film to watch.

Petros T (ca) wrote: It is watchable and has its moments but it's bereft of big laughs and feels like a lot of its potential was wasted. It's also alarmingly worrying how you get crap, piss, farts and puke in, like, the first 20 minutes (sorry for the spoilers), and then all of a sudden you get lessons on life and friendship. What's even more alarmingly worrying is that half the time it actually works.

g y (ru) wrote: Very thrilling with a light indicator, but its ending was too simple