Left Unsaid

Left Unsaid

Fifteen women are brought together a social networking invitation via a host with less than cordial motives.

Fifteen women are brought together a social networking invitation via a host with less than cordial motives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David W (au) wrote: A great final act that's a real blast, filled with OTT gore and gooey FX, and sharp wit. But did I really have to sit through so much rambling uninteresting crap (aside from scenes with Robert Englund) to get there?

Eli U (br) wrote: Every single particle of my body was completely affected by this adaptation of a movie. Compelling in story, rich in twists, and striking the emotions deeper than the initial cut. This movie completely makes me feel like I belong to this decade. It makes the audience feel more than just taken into the story, but more of created and established in the life of the movie. The alternative route that we take when we go through this story is one that we somewhat feel familiar endeavored and christened onto. The plot twists evoke many different takes on how one perceives this story. One would feel like it's the end of your hero and your idol whom you have been using as a personal avatar through the series, while some would think that it's finally reaching fruition and that there will always be justice that prevails over the evil. What I realized was that this story captured our way of seeing things, shows us what we would have done ourselves, and completely invigorates our deep and personal view on the aspect of the way we view our emotions from life to death. Because no matter which character we connected with the most in this movie (even those that connect with Ryuk), will find an emotional conclusion. I love the idea of Attachment-to-Separation in all movies. It's where we see any character's build-up and their fall making us have more emotions towards the character (usually main character). It's my personal system that I always look for in every movie. Most movies will tend to dwell on one side more than another, and that would leave this scale unbalanced. And even the great movies tend to not give enough attachment or separation making us feel mixed in lots of other ways. However, this movie has the ABSOLUTE BEST attachment-to-separation paradox that shall ever be set up. Why is that? Well, because it's one of the few story lines out there in which the Protagonist is the teenage bad-guy serial-killing, mass murderer and the Antagonist is the teenage good-guy detective, fighting for justice. The teenage aspect adds the aspect that will make it so that it can connect with even more of a plethora of an audience that can now feel somewhat related with the characters. These two smartest teens going at it definitely connects everyone because of human natures reaction to rivalry and power. It also sets the audience and the viewers who feel strongly connected to this. I must say that there are no perfect stories out there. There will also be people who see absolute perfection as a flaw. But this movie, no matter how much you did or didn't like it - no matter what the reason - is in many ways the perfect story that attends to the un-perfect and un-pleasant parallels we see with our way of thinking. Based on that concept, the level of likeness we give this movie is equal to the way we judge our thinking. And plus it made me cry.

Lorna K (kr) wrote: maan, this looks typical...

Matt C (ru) wrote: Arguably the worst movie ever created. The camerawork is shaky and unprofessional looking, the dialogue and plot are barely up to the standards of mediocre porn and the guys who played the killer's co-workers are THE worst actors in the history of the universe. It fails at offering any insight into the killer's psyche, it fails at scaring or even making me feel uneasy. It's too long and drawn out to be laughably bad (the opening credits last forever and the transition effects look ridiculously amateur and cheap) and it surely isn't sexy enough to make good porn. But it does deserve some recognition for being the most inspirational movie ever. No matter how horrible you are at life, you can find solace in the fact that you didn't direct "Green River Killer". Unless you are Ulli Lommel, in which case I'd suggest changing your name.

Michael H (kr) wrote: much different from the rest of shane's work, this seems much more proffesional than improv, unfortunately nowhere near as good as his other work either but still worth a watch due to a good cast

Crtis W (fr) wrote: This was good! It was iffy in some parts (i.e. the on the spot surgery and the blood drinking), but overall I thought that this was a great movie. I thought that the imagery made this movie very effective when it came to putting audiences in the position of the characters in the movie. It was also relatively realistic, which was good. The film did really a little too much on the lead actress for her knowledge, which made her seem like she knew everything about anything (which got old after a while), but overall this film was great! As a quick add-on, it was terrible how the after days of walking they were simply going in a circle; obvious plot line, but I seriously did not expect it!

Ian M (ca) wrote: Inventive and well made

Johan A (de) wrote: Udda, inte helt lyckad Astaire & Rogers-film. Nstan mer screwballkomedi n musikal, vilket inte riktigt r till deras frdel. Innehller dock en del briljanta enskildheter som gr att man absolut ska se den: framfr allt Fred Astaires helt ofattbara nummer nr han steppar och spelar golf samtidigt. Hur var det mjligt att filma den scenen med s f klipp? Sen r Ginger naturligtvis kul ibland, men hon fr bra gagsen fr mycket ensam ?? man saknar de gamla goda birollsskdisarna frm deras bsta filmer, framfr allt Edward Everett Horton och Eric Blore.

Murtaa H (us) wrote: One of the best movie i've seen in my lifetime xx excellent work xx

Phillip D (de) wrote: Critics threw this one in the tank, probably in part because of how awkward it is. They also accused the film of playing it safe, which it certainly does not. The To Do List covers a wide range of sexually explicit topics in a manner that strives to be awkward to convey how awkward these first experiences really are. The topics are addressed with minimal tact and confronted head on and I really appreciated that. The all star cast keeps the movie laughter filled throughout and I really enjoyed the viewing experience, something that can't be often said for most films these days.

Robert C (br) wrote: Ugh another narcissistic psycho babble drama

Chris P (ag) wrote: Robert Forster and Fred Williamson wipe the scum off the New York City streets.