• Category:Drama
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  • Uploader:Dat1Phit
  • Country:West Germany
  • Director:Roger Wielgus
  • Writer:N/A

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Andrew G (de) wrote: Great feel good film, with happy endings

Andr D (it) wrote: Un "documental" sobre la migracion de las aves? Ja! Ja! Ja!. No se equivoquen: esto es cine en su mayor expresion. Despues de ver "Winged Migration" usted se preguntara una y otra vez como se lograron las tomas que componen esta cinta minimalista y su corazon palpitara de emocion al ver a esas aves volar por los cielos. "Winged Migration" es una cinta imperdible que todo amante del cine deberia ver.

Ernst M (gb) wrote: Another movie that I really wanted to enjoy because of the cast but the plot just misses of being effective.

Wanda (nl) wrote: i love this movie. I also love that it has Melissa Etheridge's songs.

Jayden C (nl) wrote: really not interested

Mike F (fr) wrote: Decent crime drama set against a Saigon 1968 backdrop. Willem Dafoe is his usual awesome self, and Gregory Hines impressed me. Not Lethal Weapon or anything, but a good 2 hours.

Miklos P (es) wrote: The original is much better with Albert Finney. Ian McLellen is particularly irritating and actorish.

Michael W (fr) wrote: A beautiful look at life in the early Soviet Union. It is so real and still quite poetic.

Audric E (kr) wrote: Divergent is a solid YA dystopian novel adaptation movie, with a great performances, especially Shailene Woodley, action packed, breathtaking, and thrilling, but it also lacks in its storyline, and the familiarity to the others YA dystopian novel adaptation movie.

emily h (gb) wrote: Not very good, I remember really liking the book too

Robert H (fr) wrote: A perfect example of style over substance. While it boasts some impressive action sequences in the style of past kung fu films, there isn't much of a story to tie all of it together.

Hasnat A (fr) wrote: I liked the first part more than the second!

Chris H (de) wrote: Wife kidnapped for ransom. The movie is shot in one room in a warehouse. Very low budget.