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Bruno V (it) wrote: With water in my Mouth i watched this great , lovely movie !

Leon C (fr) wrote: Easily overlooked as "just another sports film" with a typical training montage, this Hungarian drama hits the right emotional spots as it inter cuts between two eras and continents as the past affects the story-present. The past consists of a riveting childhood sequence of lead character Miklos under a scary and sadistic coach as he trains to be a gymnast under his parents' wishes.Though obviously culminating at a major sports competition, the intercutting of Miklos running away to be in a circus trouple as an adolescent results in a nail-biting and heartfelt ending that evokes the balance of artistry and emotional impact.

Chrissy W (it) wrote: i love this movie Jeremy Sumpter is so cute.

Carol H (gb) wrote: Not only is it too unoriginal, but I just couldn't believe the leads' chemistry. They only go on two dates and after the second one, they sleep together. WTF?

Sean W (fr) wrote: It's heart is definitely in the right place, but only the Good Lord Above knows where the hell its brain is. Goldberg throws her nun disguise back on for absolutely no reason, other than to lead an aged plot concerning a class of unruly kids learning to respect one another, and themselves. It turns out to be nice enough, and the music is as awesome as ever. But while the first one was loveably daft, this one's just numbingly stupid.

Bill S (it) wrote: very good movie. well acted, great story.

Stefan G (ag) wrote: It would be rather convenient to think of this as like the film Ouija if you could actually stand to watch it, but you'd be getting hopes up way too much if you did. Witchboard is one of those films that sounds better at the start, but gets stupider as it progresses. The story itself can be taken a grain of salt (if mainly because it isn't too heavy-handed with its gimmicky concept), but what I don't like is that the writers introduce a character you might like, and a character you won't like, but kill off the better character while giving the stereotypical jerk a happy ending. That's not the only stupid decision the writers made, but it's certainly the most egregious one. The film's concept does get slightly more interesting after we're given a little more exposition into how communicating with the spirits is supposed to work, but it's quickly undone by a hackneyed fight scene, and an even stupider ending, complete with a blatant sequel hook that you may as well expect from a horror film. Of course, there are moments when the film creates something close to a legitimately spooky atmosphere, but the experience is ultimately soiled by a flimsily-written premise, questionable casting, and even worse acting.

Cameron H (kr) wrote: "Statement on consumer culture"? Not buying it, Rotten Tomatoes. This is an A+ B-movie, composed of gruesomely cartoonish violence, wooden but likable characters, and appropriate score, cinematography and special effects to suit the uncontrollable menace of the Gremlins. Gizmo, the good Mogwai, is very cute, and, for all of the murders they commit, so are the other Gremlins. In one scene, bartender Kate (Phoebe Cates) is forced to serve the Gremlins all of the alcohol they want, in order for her to keep her life. Those little monsters know how to throw a party. At one point, they are all found watching Snow White and singing along to "Heigh Ho." If there is a statement, it is that responsibility is overrated. Maybe there are parts that are better than the sum, most noticeably in a scene where Kate tells Billy (Zach Gilligan) why she does not celebrate Christmas. It is a very heartbreaking monologue that has no place in this movie. Personally, this is such a nostalgia trip that I fully forgive its flaws. If you want a fun, rebellious Christmas movie for the season, do not hesitate to watch this.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: More Boys in the Hood--Mickey Rooney the center of attention!!

Jacob D (nl) wrote: This movie is phenomenal, everything about it is absolutely brilliant.

Alexandre B (es) wrote: "Although "This Must Be the Place" holds our attention, it's a little difficult to say where it's headed."

James H (us) wrote: 77/100. Impressive "B" film noir, it's short and with an incredible pace. Wonderful cast. John Payne is so underrated, he gives and exceptional performance. Snappy dialog, well written. A solid and taut film, well edited.