Legami sporchi

Legami sporchi

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Legami sporchi torrent reviews

Paul F (fr) wrote: Great film. The name says it all.

Grady H (au) wrote: It starts off well, but the poor acting, poor effects, and poor story development gives no payoff.

DA Z (es) wrote: I went into this film blindly, so the fact that it's narrated in an apocalyptic world (where people slowly begin losing their 5 senses) caught me entirely by surprise. That said, it had an incredibly poignant and original plot, with astounding performances by Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. It was as romantically charming as it was existentially dark and tormenting. While the the film's finale may initially feel unsatisfying, it leaves one pondering over our perception of daily life and everything we often take for granted.

Andrew T (us) wrote: I do appreciate that this is a low budget film and it was shot and editted very well. However, I just didn't really enjoy it. I felt like it was much too long for what we got which was mostly walking. The ending sequence was cool, but I just wish we could have gotten there sooner.

Bryan G (it) wrote: This is a terrible sequel. The writers tried to make Lily, Barrymore's character in the original smarter by having her plan the whole first movie when in fact she was just crazy. Also Milano can't successfully pull off the good girl gone bad role.

Gitters (es) wrote: The best of the Deathstalker series, is more humorous than the original. Still very corny, but more entertaining than the first one.

Debra M (au) wrote: a very young arnold, sally field, ed begley jr and even funny guy scatman...

David T (br) wrote: A great continuation of Doinel's story and a fun detective film.

Leonard D (mx) wrote: A decent film from beginning to end! The so called "love story" was a little too distracting, but it didn't get in the way too much of how the film turned out to be. For Kate Winslet's character, she was good, but when I listened closely to her acting like an American, her accent was slipping in and out of her speech! Makes you think "Heh, decent actress, but it's no wonder that she didn't win for the Oscar for best actress that year"!

Amber P (nl) wrote: I thought it was a cute idea, but whenever Paul Rudd is even semi-serious, it makes me cry. Like a really ugly cry that no one wants to see.

Frances H (br) wrote: Good British mystery series with David (The Govenor) Morrissey from Walking Dead and Little Finger from Game of Thrones. (The cast listed on RT is wrong.)

Ryan V (de) wrote: Col. Carruthers (Marshall Thompson) is a space pioneer arrested when he turns out to be the only survivor of his stranded expedition on Mars. He claims that a horrific space monster killed the rest of his crew, but his "rescue team" is incredulous until they notice a beastly stowaway on their rocket ship. It! The Terror From Beyond Space tries to be a suspenseful horror movie, but it's dogged by goofy dialogue, dated special effects, and a monster costume that's lame even by the standards of 1958. It's not much more than a dusty keepsake of its era, but this film may hold some entertainment value for the "so bad it's good" crowd.