Legend of Eight Samurai

Legend of Eight Samurai

Princess Shizu's family is wiped out by an family of undead seeking revenge. The eight samurai can save her, but who and where are they?

Princess Shizu's family is wiped out by an family of undead seeking revenge. The eight samurai can save her, but who and where are they? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie R (kr) wrote: Sid found love, finally!!

Brody M (it) wrote: Skip this movie & go see something else

Ed C (ca) wrote: One line summary: Western zombie horror, oh my.----------------------- Aman's mother was a nun. To ensure her son's safety, she makes an unholy deal with a supernatural force. As he grows up, he becomes an invincible gunman. After his wife is raped, he goes for vengeance. Unfortunately, anyone he kills comes back as a zombie. That includes the group of five who raped his beloved. Their leader is Kansa, who has kept his group together in the after the first death period. Kansa is looking for the group that Aman's mother belongs to, and San Diablo, where they guard the gate between heaven and hell. In the meantime, Kansa and his group gather up the defenseless to kill them to steal their skins and hair for their re-use. After Kansa obtains a map to San Diablo, the climactic battle is setup. Will the gate remain sealed? Will the zombies ever be put down permanently?--------Scores------- Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly fine. Sound: 8/10 No problems. Acting: 5/10 Wesley Snipes and Kevin Howarth were rather good, but Riley Smith and most of the others were not. Screenplay: 6/10 The plot did not make a whole lot of sense, and had too much narration, but at least it moved from beginning to end. SFX: 5/10 Not the best, often not convincing at all.

Mimi S (kr) wrote: Grade: D- Breaking and Entering is a bad film with a terrible storyline. I've never been a fan of the overly sauve Jude Law either. The film is about a man Will (Law) who has a troubled relationship with his girlfriend Liv (Robin Wright Penn), mostly because of problem's with her teenaged autistic daughter. Will's company get's burgled and he trace's the burglar and starts an affair with his Bosnian mother. I just think that the storyline was just really stupid and I hated Jude Law's character. I think the film did portray Will and Liv's strained marriage and living with an autistic daughter very well and I thought that Robin Wright Penn was the only good actress in the film; I didn't think that Juliette Binoche was especially good. However like I said the storyline is just stupid and dull and hugely messed the film up.

Pierre L (ru) wrote: It's surprising good. i am always skeptipal about collaboration of directors movies, cos it always seems off pace. But this one is good.

Judge L (jp) wrote: Very powerful movie, but doesn't quite hit as hard as 'Schindler's List'.Well worth a watch if you are a WWII buff or even if you want to know more about the holocaust. Great acting, and wonderful sets.

Jay L (jp) wrote: Most action films have several action sets in one film which tries to give the audience a different thrill from one scene to another. Hard Rain only has one action set which is the movie's downfall. The whole film takes place during a flood which leads to the same types of scenarios. Basically we get guns, boats, jet skis, and, of course, water. Hard Rain is definitely mindless entertainment, but all is not lost. We get Morgan Freeman as a criminal, Christian Slater as a hero (not a bad hero at that), and the eccentric Randy Quaid as a corrupt sheriff. Generally, you would just add water to make the perfect recipe, but adding water to this plot just made for sloppy filmmaking.

Estefania C (br) wrote: A dull satire of french art movies. An interesting concept that ended up being a mess of painful-to-watch scenes full of nonsense.

Jack B (nl) wrote: wanne be Dog Day Afternoon.

Robert S (au) wrote: Seems to have all the right ingredients but it's just slightly lacking in excitement. Dustin Hoffman is really excellent though

Victor M (au) wrote: A short but intense film.

Ashley H (au) wrote: Historical materials coming from Hollywood have to be seen with certain reservation. Normally these are coming with plots totally different from the reality or versions given in books. This film, [i]Solomon and Sheba[/i], may also be different from the real history. The acting of Yul Brynner (Solomon) and Gina Lollobrigida (Sheba) is not the best in my opinion. Brynner was often shown in the film looking seriously and saying nothing, while Lollobrigida acted as if she was delivering a poem each time mixed with some mad reactions when she was angry. The cinematography and camera work of the film were excellent, and probably the producers spent a lot of money to make all epic scenes here, but the film could have been much better with more natural acting.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: What a disappointment. Totally lost interest around the 15 min. mark. Slow, poor character development. Cheesy plot. B movie vibe.

Paul D (gb) wrote: This is not one of Eastwood's best, but it does have a guilty pleasure or two. Like so many of these "cop" movies of the 80's...it is hard to care about anything that is going on. There are better movies to watch Clint in.