Legend of Hell

Legend of Hell

An archaeologist discovers an ancient artifact and scroll which starts a series of events that kills her several times over in various time periods, past lives and locations. It seems that the artifact and scroll are linked to a gateway to hell. Various hellish creatures pour in throughout history, it looks like the gateway has been opened. The archaeologist teams up with warriors and guides from the past to try and close the gate.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Legend of Hell 2012 full movies, Legend of Hell torrents movie

An archaeologist discovers an ancient artifact and scroll which starts a series of events that kills her several times over in various time periods, past lives and locations. It seems that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Legend of Hell torrent reviews

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Tony B (kr) wrote: Update; August 27, 2015 - Every time I watch this film I like it more and more. I give it four stars now because it is a very good story, finely directed, with strong performances by the whole cast, precision in almost all aspects of the film.---------------------Been about three years since I last watched this and I want to give it four stars because it really is a fine film but the pacing is just a little too slow, it's about twenty minutes too long and the big ending just isn't satisfying enough.

Thomas K (it) wrote: If you don't get it that is YOUR problem.

Spencer P (kr) wrote: A flashy popcorn actioner that is pretty stunning and politically tense in the future/robot sense, but also dizzying, shallow and cliched.

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bill s (mx) wrote: A generic comedy but the interaction between Garner and Lemmon is funny and genuine.Fun little road movie minus a few bumps in that road.

Jonathan S (fr) wrote: There is no reason to watch this outside of riffing purposes.

Leeiyana J (ru) wrote: i love this movie..tears...human best friend...even a hero..;)

Lesley A (kr) wrote: i didnt like this movie at all. i read the book, which did impress me but the movie sucked. i love lesbian movies and books, but i found the films dont always live up to the books. its a shame though but I hope the lesbian cinema will hit the mainstream

Tim H (us) wrote: OH MY GOD! I AM FINALLY CAUGHT UP! (I actually had to go to my phone and re-read all of my entries to actually believe it!) After working 9 hours today (Happy Independence Day, America!) and a whole bunch of shifts this weekend, I can finally say that I'm caught up with the reviews until I watch Alexander Nevsky tonight. That's what I really hoped for, was a chance to keep the order that I so desperately needed. (I was going to review Nevsky tonight, regardless of what order it fell in for my Facebook film group.) But here's to finishing off on a bang. The Bava series is turning around for me. I hit a little slump there. I'm not saying that we've hit the stride that I had with Black Sabbath, but at least this movie is pretty darned entertaining. A lot of the complicated plot is dropped in this outing. I'm not saying that it is completely devoid of complications and bizarre explanations, but the main plot is pretty straightforward. The big thing is that a cocky American (did I mention that it's Independence Day? Congrats, America. We're always the cocky assh*le who shows up to ruin Italy.) releases the spirit of his great ancestor, who happened to just be this horrible baron who tortured and killed for fun. The only reason he did it? To see if he could do it. I love what Europeans think of Americans. Well, this Baron comes back and starts killing people in awful, awful ways. I don't know why Bava always feels like he has to justify his killings with a crazy plot to satisfy his audience. I'm pretty sure this one is one of his better outings. The killings are really cool and fairly gross. I turn into an adolsescent boy when it comes to horrible slaughter in Italian horror. I guess that's all you can really look for in a lot of them. (I mean, Bava himself proved that false with his earlier outings, but you gotta take what you can get sometimes. Am I right?) Those are just damned fun. Then, a kid is placed in danger. Bava and kids. Admittedly, he's using them differently than he was earlier, but this is still very effective. There's some actual very legitimate scares in this one and I won't say I'd ever have problems sleeping (my favorite movie of the past month was The Thing, and that had little effect on me), but I will say that it made you at least interested. The movie gets a little off-track at one point though. I mean, you can't have a killer baron just killing for an hour-and-a-half (or can you? *strokes chin*), so Bava relies on his old tarot card dealing with to complicate the plot a little. I'm actually glad that he does go this direction though. When I was watching the scene, I may have groaned a little bit, but that's because I didn't realize they were setting something up for the end. And the end is pretty darned cool. I should have seen it coming. (I had a tertiary thought that I dismissed, but I can't count that). But the story actually wraps itself up quite nicely. I'm not used to that in later Bava movies. The only thing that was a little "blah" for me was the special effects makeup on the disfigured baron. I mean, I know the guy uses lots of red paint for blood, but there's this really ambiguous nature to how the baron is looking. It's like they figured out how he was going to look like by just applying a ton of makeup and seeing how it looked like in the end. That part wasn't so scary as it was a little goofy. Luckily, they decided to change that with not making him look like that for the entire movie. (I would go into details, but that would give something away.) There is one scene that I'd like to commend because it really is solid camera work. I feel like this movie as a whole was a throw-away for Bava and doesn't really have his heart in it, but there's one scene that really changes that idea for me. There's a scene where Eva is running from the Baron in the streets. It's very foggy and there are these really stylized lights everywhere. I hope that Bava wanted to do something special and didn't just want to cover up the fact that the set was repetitive because it was extremely effective and cool. I remember just sitting up and loving every second of that chase. Sure, it was long, but it was well done so I was very happy. This is probably Bava's most straightforward gore fest out of the entire bunch. This is something that requires popcorn and alcohol. Okay, maybe not requires, but I imagine that it would make the movie more fun. Let's say that I'm not completely turned off to the second Bava Box because of this entry.

Michael H (es) wrote: A very successful movie which lays out a common sort of American "spirituality" which expects a quick return on the investment. There's secrecy and special meaning phrases involved, too. Plus kind of a creepy stalker-romance. I would call this film a pretty fascinating artifact, but it's not far off from a lot of current self-help and self-improvement methods - and bears a resemblance to some of our religions. So I guess it's fascinating both as an artifact and as a mirror.