Legend of the Moles: The Treasure of Scylla

Legend of the Moles: The Treasure of Scylla

The story of the happy, brave and peace-loving moles defeating evils and protecting their home continues. This time they have to protect the secret treasure of the mysterious sirens. They ...

The story of the happy, brave and peace-loving moles defeating evils and protecting their home continues. This time they have to protect the secret treasure of the mysterious sirens. They ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Legend of the Moles: The Treasure of Scylla torrent reviews

Juls XD H (ca) wrote: wow i loved it, cathing fire is the best of the hunger games saga with incredible vissual effects and great actors

Adam S (mx) wrote: A prime example of the reviewers being out of touch with the viewers and of the old and washed up refusing to look at a situation from the younger generation's point of view and accepting selfish corporate babble as justice.

Jarrett M (us) wrote: Nightmare Detective is a familiar horror tale, that is told in a new and interesting way. The performances are well done, especially from Shinya Tsukamoto himself, who gives us a memorable antagonist with very little screen time. Granted, we aren't talking Hannibal Lechter here, but memorable never the less. The story is not overly fresh, especially in the horror realm, but Tsukamoto tells that story in a different and more frightening way. The death scenes are particularily memorable and full of tension, largely due to the unseen assailant through the early going. Even when it is seen, it doesn't due much to lessen the freakiness. The distinction between the dream world and the waking world can be a little tough to make out, but as long as the viewer is paying attention, they shouldn't get hopelessly lost. I also liked the inclusion of the police aspect to the story; something which is usually left out of similiarily themed films. I also found this to be considerably more accessable than Tsukamoto's only other film that I've seen. That being Tetsuo: The Iron Man. While Tsukamoto may not be the most creative or influencial filmmaker in Japan, but he still knows how to craft an interesting and unsettling film. Well worth a look for fans of Asian horror, and a mild recommendation for most others. Especially those who would be interested in a police procedural crossed with a pyschological horror film. That is also pretty bloody. And creepy.

Mr D (nl) wrote: Pretty dark movie. A bit of a "The crow" ripoff. Proposed alternative titles: "Vigilante ghostcop", "good cop, undead cop"

Dean M (kr) wrote: The path to true love gets rocky in this engaging and occasionally wild tale - outragous and warmhearted funny. Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock are very appealing as the reliable groom-to-be and free-spirited traveller who complement each other's strengths and weaknesses and who learn to offer one another valuable life lessons.The cinematography is unique, inventive, and beautiful! This movie has always given me a better perspective on marriage, love, lust, wondering minds, and people in general. This film's directorial vision is clear and is visually stunning.One good performance came from the late David Strickland (TV series' Suddenly Susan) in his final film role. It was unfortunate to hear about Strickland's death because his role in this film showed the world that he can act well on the big screen.

Steven W (gb) wrote: an excellent movie for those who love to be preached at - ultimately poses more questions than answers - in the words of a certain female lead, "how disgusting"

Katy G (fr) wrote: There was no telling whether he really believed himself a healer or if it was all a charade.

Joseph O (au) wrote: I generally don't like Bill Murray and am not a fan of most of his movies (sorry!), but I do like this one. The scenes where he wakes up everyday to that Sonny and Cher song and goes crazy and his reactions are the best parts of the movie and are genuinely funny. The character development of how Murray is a grouch at the beginning of the movie and how he transitions into a more caring character is interesting. I don't know.. how the movie slowly but surely transitioned into a 'rom com' really, really bugged me. The movie shouldn't have been how he got together with Andie MacDowell (whose I personally couldn't stand). It deserved better.

Scott C (jp) wrote: A man stays alive as long as we remember and is killed only if we forget?

Greg D (it) wrote: Very innovative serial for its time. Narrative style that story wise resembles modern television

Ian I (mx) wrote: Casualties of war is among the best war films I have ever seen. Not only is it based on true events but it mirrors what is like to be in those events flawlessly. Casualties of War like many Vietnam films shows a great anti-war side to Vietnam and isn't afraid to show the many atrocities the Americans committed during the war as well. The films harsh content and idea are very powerful and will keep you in awe. It shows just how crazy war can make people. The acting is great and the cast is comprised of a young Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Ving Rhames, John C. Reilly, and John Leguizamo. Fox does a brilliant job in his first really dramatic role. Casualties of War now ranks alongside my favorite Vietnam war films like Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, and Apocalypse Now.

Jonathan C (jp) wrote: Combining the "tough teacher goes into a failing class filled with underprivileged youths" genre with "tough coach turns a rag-tag team into winners" story and is led by the performance of Samuel L. Jackson