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Greg W (ag) wrote: not even half as funny as it thinks

Armando B (es) wrote: I thought it was going to be good, but it really disapointed me, the whole thing was forced and contrite. There was no suspense and acting was awful. There is no way this was produced from the "Saw" franchise what an absolute disgrace. So for this being one horrible movie I give "11-11-11 The Prophecy"a D-.

Kaitlyn J (nl) wrote: Really get you in the beginning. Then starts building up slowly and loses momentum.

Etienne H (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this film ...

Myndi W (mx) wrote: I've seen a few bad reviews of this movie, just because it's laid out like a play, with monologues and such. But I think that adds to the mood of the movie, which is in essence, a story of an unexpected love, and the troubles two people must face.

Garrett C (gb) wrote: Good liked it as a kid

Adrian A (us) wrote: Sucks the fattest part of my cock!

Lauren W (us) wrote: I quite liked it. It did have its faults and it wrapped up too easily, but I enjoyed the angsty romantic storyline and the filmography. Some of the elements called to mind Jane Eyre.

Serge S (fr) wrote: one of the most ambitious movies ever made.

Frit B (ca) wrote: Alamaba trust fund kid Jeff Bridges needs some direction in life befriends a groups at a local gym including perky love interest Sally Field and Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although not much of a stretch for Arnold, he is at the top of his game - physically - here in 1976. Bridges and Field, both in their 20s, are a sexy couple and Sally even does a brief nude scene! Filled with southern charm and a supporting cast including Robert Englund, Joanna Cassidy, Fannie Flagg and Ed Begley Jr., the story is fairly basic but the film is quite enjoyable.

Blake P (us) wrote: Ann Sutton (Tierney) is a gorgeous socialite married to an extremely successful psychoanalyst (Conte). After shoplifting a pin due to her kleptomania, she's soon rescued by a mysterious hypnotist, who insists he begin treating her. Unknown to Ann, the man is actually more interested in having her do some illegal favors for him-- which goes great-- until she ends up getting caught in a murder rap. Though he's guilty, she's the prime suspect. Though I thought "Whirlpool" was decent, it is by far my least favorite of the long list of Gene Tierney-Otto Preminger noirs. Psychology was a very big topic back in the '40's-- nobody understood it, and it ended up being on the most money making "genres" back in the '40's. What I did like about "Whirlpool", is that it's so different from the others. Most were other movies of mentally disturbed patients, usually with actresses bent on imitating Olivia de Havilland's grand performance in "The Snake Pit". But this is a different movie. Instead, we have a murderous psychoanalyst, which had not happened yet, and still, the "genre" had still not crossed paths with film noir. With all faults aside, this is almost a groundbreaking movie, in a sense that at the time it was something so new. Forget Tierney's ugly wardrobe, Conte's miscast, and some of the camp, and you'll be seeing an entertaining, sharply directed and written noir that even has great performances to boot. "Whirpool" has many flaws, but it's still worth your time.

Steve B (ca) wrote: cant believe i actually got through this without giving up,not my thing at all

Irvin C (nl) wrote: I must that this is probably the oldest Asian feature film I have ever seen. This is a silent film, an early work from Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu and it is delightful gentle comedy-drama about two boys, a group of bullies, a new school and their father. It mixes "Little Rascals"-style hijinks with the different familiar themes Ozu would tackle in his later works, particularly "Good Morning" which I also loved. This is an excellent film.

Victoria L (jp) wrote: The soundtrack is amazing.

Omar A (es) wrote: Msica y baile, divertida y bastante obvia.Para un tarde de semana est bien.

Ellie J (jp) wrote: i was only interested in seeing professor snape do some gun-slingin' damage at the time...