Lelicek in the Services of Sherlock Holmes

Lelicek in the Services of Sherlock Holmes

Frantisek Lelicek's Ve sluzbach Sherlocka Holmese - In the Services of Sherlock Holmes was filmed in 1932 with Vlasta Burian. The role of Sherlock Holmes is minor there but he went on to appear in many more stories and novels... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lelicek in the Services of Sherlock Holmes torrent reviews

Chuck Z (au) wrote: Absolutely terrible movie. Exploitation of every PTSD cliche out there. I feel terrible having sat through the whole thing.

Yahya M (us) wrote: ???? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?????

Private U (fr) wrote: I think some neat UK and Aussie actors and such but I felt annoyed by two of the six films.

Shawn M (gb) wrote: Great actors, amazing story with a golden message. we are all posers! haha. love it.

Esha M (mx) wrote: a love story.... 100 yrs ago.... between people who r not supposed to be in love..... but still they fight... loose everything....... loose each other... but still.... they love...:) the characters were not played strong enough..... something was missing.... probably a deep connection within..... not a must watch.... but a different love story..:)

Rabeea (ca) wrote: One of the crappiest SRK movie ever.

Jer M (es) wrote: Flashing flashing flashingLightsLights Lights!

Jessica H (au) wrote: Herbie is racing again and I'm only mildly interested.

MEC r (nl) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Bubba M (gb) wrote: This was a fun watch.Yes Brando can be funny!This film woud go on to be remade into "Dirty Rotten Scroundrels"

Jasmine G (de) wrote: Really inspirational (a MUST SEE)

Matt H (us) wrote: the 3rd will be better.Yet Another Stakeout