19-year old Belle practices playing the violin diligently, but is unable to impart her music with a sensitive undertone. Her life changes when she discovers that sexual desire stimulates passion in her music.

19-year old violinist Belle lives in a small farming village in the Netherlands. Everyone around her seems obsessed with sex: her boyfriend, her sister and especially her mother. But Belle’s only interest is her violin, and she is put off by the constant flirting and mating of her peers. Belle works hard to prepare for the admissions exam to the conservatory. Her technique is good, but her dispassionate attitude stands in the way of her sucess. Against the advice of her teacher, Belle escapes to the city to train as a professional violinist. Living in her new environment among the other students, Belle is surprised to discover her own sexual desires. When she finds she has a particularly sensitive ear lobe, this finally sets off the passionate musician inside her. Belle understands that without excitement she will fail at auditions, so she sets out on an erotic journey of discovery full of lust, sex and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vinicious E (us) wrote: If one knows French, it would be a better film, but otherwise one hast to read the whole movie by subtitles. And it wasn't really what I had hoped for after reading a book about the little flower's life.

jomo l (it) wrote: One of the best comedies of all time!

Ilona W (jp) wrote: Awesome! A very very very good documentary about the life and work of David Lynch. It was produced during shooting of "Lost Highway". If you were ever confused about Lynch's motivations and intentions (that would be like... everybody? ;o) ) this is your documentary to watch!

Brandon D (nl) wrote: Loser Culkin, spoiled brat!

The Movie G (fr) wrote: Amazing and a wonderful coming of age drama comedy directed by Richard Linklater

August M (ru) wrote: Though comparisons to Fellini's 8 1/2 will surely come up (and are totally warranted), All That Jazz is still able to spin originality thanks to some electric directing by Mr. Fosse and a virtuoso performance from Roy Scheider. The last half hour is sublime.

Tehl B (nl) wrote: Great acting by Deniro, I guess my main complaint is I don't get what all the fuss is about. The movie moves at a snails pace and at no point was I blown away or moved, I did stay interested and engaged, but I definitely don't ever need to watch this movie again, and I don't feel like I was missing out waiting this long to see it.

Al P (de) wrote: U havent seen Flaming Star?

Kevin C (gb) wrote: Movie night with Iris. Bonkers fun in a homage to 1950s horror. Funny throughout, with lots of 'make you jump' moments.

Scott P (de) wrote: PPZ was quite a bit better than I was expecting. I was at first underwhelmed when they decided to open with an extended look at Mr. Darcy Zombie Hunter instead of joining immediately with Lizzie. However, it seemed a fair way to pull zombies, courtly attitudes, the flies, and Mr. Darcy's temperament and later guilt. As comical as it was seeing Liz catch those flies, it was a wonderfully silly way of bringing all that back around to Miss Bennet and her sister.Hmm, it seems also that Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins got a great deal more mileage in this movie than any of the Bennets as well with most of the later chapters switching focus towards Wickham's villainy than Lydia's impulsiveness. And Collins was frightfully funny. As the movie ends, without even relating to this movie, the music swelling while Collins was pronouncing over the finale, the combination of the face and the moodful strings... I feel chills and heartache. I wil always remember when the Doctor was he. Wake up, wake up...