Lemon Tree Passage

Lemon Tree Passage

A couple of Australians introduce three American backpackers to the local legend of Lemon Tree Passage where a ghost of a motorcyclist warns young drivers to slow down. After seeing the ghost first hand they uncover a malevolent force that posses the area and threatens to wreak havoc on the final days of their vacation. Isolated and ten thousand miles from home, the tourists find themselves caught in the clutches of an evil force much more heinous than the local myth believed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh M (fr) wrote: Extremely predictable, and not very exciting, but Owen Wilson is genuine and likable. You can't help but smile at all his hijinks. Very weak cast outside of Wilson (and Hudson) and again, very predictable.

Duncan B (jp) wrote: This Film Seems Like It'll Be AWESOME!(If I Can Survive The 3 Hour Run Time Of This "Double Bill" Film.)

Luke R (gb) wrote: Puke on demand! Sleeping bag! Kane Hodder is the man!

Chad C (au) wrote: Terrible, horrible movie. Nothing but a crappy CGIfest with no plot. There was this amazing historical plot they could have followed, but nope. Let's put monsters and mutants and general crap in it. Not following reality is not why it is terrible though, it is just a bad movie. Neglecting the historical truth is just the craptastic cherry on the top.

Lilly (es) wrote: love this movie!!! always made me feel better when i was a kid.

Brandon S (us) wrote: Indonesian rip-off of The Terminator shows the world why rip-offs can be fantastic. A student is writing her thesis of the queen of the south seas and when searching for the underwater temple she becomes possessed. Now she is an unstoppable force that will fornicate and destroy ( in that order) anyone that gets in her way. Nonstop blood and sex make this film a cult masterpiece not to mention the cheesy effects and the ridiculous script.

Trevor P (de) wrote: I like Ryuichi Sakamoto's music.

mason b (it) wrote: The real tragedy of Stargate is that for the first forty minutes it is a decent and fun film. Don't get me wrong, it's full of plot holes, cliches and contrivances, but there's still a great feeling of fun and discovery. The film begins with a down-on-his-luck egyptologist played by James Spader, who is the typical awkward, bumbling yet brilliant nerd that you've seen in many other movies. Fortunately James Spader plays him very well. He is taken to a top secret military base because he's apparently the only scientist in the world who can decipher the hieroglyphics on the Stargate, a round metal object that can transport people across the universe. He is and a group of soldiers led by Kurt Russell decide to travel through the Stargate to see what's on the other side. So far so good. Up until this point I had been watching the screen in anticipation because I wanted to know what was on the other side of the Stargate, despite the many flaws the film had already exhibited. It is shortly after entering the Stargate that the film seems to run completely out of ideas, and quickly becomes a very standard action-adventure. The second half of Stargate brings nothing imaginative to the screen, and piles on stereotypes and stupidity. It happens so gradually it's actually like watching a film devolve. And to top it all off it makes absolutely no sense, with every new development just raising more questions and creating several plot holes. By the end of the film I had become numb to the stunning predictability of it all. Stargate is a film that maddeningly takes it's interesting concept and removes every bit of ingenuity from it.

Sandy B (ag) wrote: Anyone who thinks that this movie doesn't come to a proper conclusion simply doesn't get it when we do what we love, when we face our fears, the rest will follow. We don't have to "win" or "succeed"...we have to try.This is a surprisingly heartfelt script with some lovely performances and enough humor to make the messages/life lessons palpable.This is a good movie for a discussion group but the language us very strong so beware!