Lemonade Joe

Lemonade Joe

A satire of the Great American Way, with Lemonade Joe a "clean living" gunfighter who drinks only Kola-Loca Lemonade and convinces everyone else in town (with his gun skills) that all "real men" drink ONLY lemonade!

Straight shooting Lemonade Joe cleans up Stetson City, in this musical parody of early Westerns, after shooting the pants off villain Old Pistol. Joe's endorsement of Kolaloka (Crazy Cola) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose C (gb) wrote: Great movie. Very underrated. People really enjoy to hate on things for no reason.

Matt B (nl) wrote: A Serbian Film is truly a work of excess in every sense of the word. The violence is carried out in a very brutal, overbearing fashion reminiscent of a movie like Hostel. The sex scenes are trying very hard to be as disturbing as possible. In the way they're composed but also because in multiple scenes a minor (in one case an infant) is being raped. Let's be clear here I was not the least bit offended by this film. It is art. Pornography is art and this movie is pornography. My dislikes for this film are seemingly endless but i will try to keep it brief. The biggest failing of this movie is it's acting. It's dreadfully obnoxious and over the top. I found myself giggling at every one of these scenes that involved a murder or a rape due to the cartoon-ish way the actors carried themselves. They're performances would be more at home in The Human Centipede pt. 2 then in a movie that has the gall to show "newborn porn". And that brings me to my next point. At first I thought I was the problem and that these things should be disturbing to me even through these horribly overacted scenarios but I am most certainly not unshakable. Reading the works of Marquis De Sade truly makes me ill. That's the difference this movie carries these sadistic acts out with the thought and wit of a 15 year old who spends too much time on best gore. I don't know how to end this but I would also like to the add that I was not impressed by the storytelling in this movie nor it's grayed-to-shit look. I hate this movie but feel as if people who enjoy some of the New French Extremity movements less thought provoking films may enjoy this. Or pedophiles. But as always see for yourself.

Justin L (it) wrote: It seems to have an interesting story but even when wide awake this movie put me to sleep twice so - 1/2 star.

Christina A (us) wrote: Watching it now. Great feel good movie. Brings back memories of my days at Skate King and Saints. Y'all know what I'm talkin bout....remember doing the crazy-leg? ;-)

Adrian L (ru) wrote: This is absolute dogshit! Dani Flith should get his ass beat in for puttin this out with hisname on it! This is not even worthy of a grindhouse label!

Gena D (gb) wrote: pretty sure I saw this and didn't remember it until I saw the preview so I'm going to go ahead and give it the score of 3 as that's okay (based on remembering liking it) but not that memorable.

Erik H (fr) wrote: incredibly entertaining and weird. the most gentle/passive dystopian world i've ever seen in a film like this. no one even really behaves all that much like a human. and all of that shit made me love it.

Janetta B (gb) wrote: I have yet to see a good movie with Madonna in it.....

Matthew R (au) wrote: Probably one of my favourite martial arts films. Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan AND Sammo Hung? Daaamn.Those were the days, Sammo still has great films and so does Yuen but I wish Jackie didn't head down the path he is currently on.Anyway the humour is great, I loved when they go to the looney bin especially. Great film, cheesy plot but suits the overall cheesy feel.

John C (gb) wrote: Paul Schrader's tribute to Bresson is a slick, gorgeous film that boasts some iconic imagery concoted by director Schrader, production deisgner Ferdinando Scarfiotti, and wardrobe by Armani, as well as a throbbing music score by Giorgio Moroder.

Art S (jp) wrote: Cary Grant seems out of tune in Frank Capra's wannabe wacky black comedy. Reportedly (by IMDb) his least favourite performance - it shows. He's nearly hysterical (rather than smooth) in every scene. The two old biddies are fine but even with all the corpses piling up there is no real wickedness and the laughs don't come. Peter Lorre seems out-of-place, dragged in from another better movie. Boris Karloff was playing the Raymond Massey part on Broadway when this was filmed and perhaps he would have brought a touch of class/menace. As it stands, the awful stigmatizing of people with mental illness is enough to turn anyone's stomach (but of course these were different times). The Plot: Grant gets married but is soon distracted when he discovers his two dear old aunts have been killing lonely old men and burying them in the basement. His criminal brother returns at just the wrong moment to get in the way.

Alex S (mx) wrote: From the director of Assassination Games comes something even better with Van Damme as a mercenary who gets hired to look for someone's daughter who gets kidnapped, pretty much looked at as a rip off to Taken but a lot of action films have used the same storyline (Commando, Man on Fire, half of Steven Seagal's filmography) and this is definitely one of the better ones. The quality of this film is very good despite being a DTV film.

Mohamed E (es) wrote: ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ???????? ????????.

Aaron M (es) wrote: This teen fantasy rom com is not all bad. Theres some dodgey acting from young professionals yet the style of the movie is creative and its dark tone makes it engaging for all to watch.