Lena's Holiday

Lena's Holiday

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lena, from East Germany travels to Hollywood. After landing she loses her bag and can't find her hotel. She befriends a cab driver who doesn't believe someone is out to get her.

A woman gets caught up in a smuggling case when her luggage is accidentally switched with an identical case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - 12/10/2010)

Dominick S (fr) wrote: I don't know why so many negative reviews I thought this movie was great.

Steve B (jp) wrote: Another tragic, gay love story. Call it what you want. Don't ask don't tell obviously ruins lives. Loved the movie. Hope to find the inspiration to live a true life.

William L (ag) wrote: The original Street Fighter was bad, but at least it was fun. However, this film not just succeeded in being a worse failure than it's predecessor, but it also fails to be entertaining. With characters with just much personality as a piece of dirt, bland story-line that is taken too seriously, dialogue that is cliche as hell, and extremely disappointing action sequences, this movie is not just one of the worst video game films of all time, but one of the worst films out there. Casual movie viewers will hate it, but fans of the famous video game series will forever be cursed by the stain this terrible film has left. Avoid at all cost.

Ryan C (it) wrote: By the sheer charm and enjoyment I get from watching Tim Allen, 'Christmas With The Kranks' is watchable, but not a traditional holiday comedy by any means.

Thuy V (ag) wrote: Not a very good film all around, but it did provide a few laughs. The satire and humor fell flat at times.

Petter F (ag) wrote: A very cool "feel-good" movie!

Nirav P (ca) wrote: I gr8 movie, action-packed with suspense.

Julio C (de) wrote: Una peli muy locochona, descabellada y a-go-go, bastante divertida para pasar el rato, aunque carezca de todo sentido. Es muy extrao que haya sido dirigida por Mario Bava, una leyenda del terror italiano, pero tal vez eso le da el toque especial que la salva.

Serdar K (ag) wrote: Meshur Topkapi. Herhalde 25-30 yil once izlemistik. Eglenceli bir filmmis aslinda bir yandan. Hirsizlik ve sebeke. Biraz da komedi. Ooh. Cok cok guzel kareler var. Yuzler, gumruk sahnesi, panayir vs.

Steve G (mx) wrote: The least of the Rock Hudson/Doris day films. But still watchable.