Lentävä kalakukko

Lentävä kalakukko

Robbers try to escape using a train from Helsinki to Kuopio.

Robbers try to escape using a train from Helsinki to Kuopio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (br) wrote: Ok so for a tokyo version of paranormal activity it was pretty crazy just liek the american versions still it was not to bad crazy stuff happens as well and the ending was sure wow it can get you anywhere

Khaldoun Q (ag) wrote: I love you Ashly Greene, but this movie is really BORING!!

Julius G (br) wrote: What a different comedy movie. This was very funny movie. But at points it was a bit over the top serius and the chemistry between Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart was ok I guess. Kristen Stewart was a bit distracting because she acted as she acts in twilight and thats wooden no emotions whats so ever i think that's such a poor casting choice that ruined the movie the scene where she screams at Paige Carlyle Howardscharacter was like what are you doing just stop. And stop touching your hair in every movie but in her defense she was funny at times. Jesse Eisenberg was great in the movie super funny. Ryan Reynolds,Margarita Levieva, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Martin Starr where very funny and delivered good performances. The story itself was a bit messy and unnecessary deep but for what they were going for i guess it worked. So i had a good time watching this movie

Gena D (us) wrote: In the top 50 bollywoods

Seth B (de) wrote: I love this movie. Its a thrill ride watching Washington's character try and stay one step ahead. Well written and a great cast. And of course I love its setting in Miami!!

Rob R (jp) wrote: Turns out I've seen this before - and recently - but I don't think all of it. The first half rang distant bells but when Chloe Sevigny showed up and jumped into the ice cream van, I knew I'd definitely seen it. Perhaps I joined it halfway - I can watch anything with Steve Buscemi in.Very good though, better I'd say than the other Buscemi directed film I've seen, Interview, and I quite liked that. Great for spotting US cult TV stars - you've got the receptionist from Twin Peaks, Chrissie from The Sopranos and D'Angelo from The Wire.

Troy M (de) wrote: Very predictable. The best part was seeing Banderas' bum.

tania g (us) wrote: I thought this was great - I'm surprised another one wasn't made.

Shirl H (ca) wrote: Another fav of mine.