Leo's Room

Leo's Room

Leo, a young man coming to terms with his own sexuality, runs into Caro, a primary school friend he fancied when they were kids, who's now trying to ward off her own personal demons. This ...

Leo, a young man coming to terms with his own sexuality, runs into Caro, a primary school friend he fancied when they were kids, who's now trying to ward off her own personal demons. This ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Addie A (jp) wrote: Fun! Pretty, predictable, but fun!

Esa K (it) wrote: No olipa kuluneita sikyttelyklisheit. Buaaaaaah.

Juan R (br) wrote: It's a harsh topic, so it's meritorious to do it so elegantly.

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 6/6/2013)

Fernando P (br) wrote: I was never a big fan of Will but I have this one a chance. It caught me by surprise that this flicked seemed more like of a drama/serious role for his comedic ways. You can never take a comedian seriously so don't try. What a waste of time.

Paladin of Odin (de) wrote: sorry but gotti was some mob guy that disappered who gives a rat's ass

Dave J (br) wrote: Monday, October 1, 2013 (1992) Jamn Jamn/ A Tale of Ham and Passion (In Spanish with English subtitles) ADULT DRAMA Starring veteran Spanish actress Penelope Cruz as Silvia who works at her boyfriend's men's underwear factory. And during one of their secret hookups, Silvia then informs her boyfriend that she is expecting. And instead of her boyfriend telling her controlling mother all about it since his mother hates Silvia and her family's guts because she thinks that Silvia is only a gold digger. Motivates the mother to hire a person named Raul (Javier Bardem) to see if he can shift Silvia's attraction to him instead and leave her son alone except that she too becomes infatuated with Raul as well. At first it appears to look like the Spanish variation of "Romeo & Juliet" but it becomes much more than that. Both Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz who're a real life couple weren't household names in North America during the time of this movie yet and were just starting to make their mark. But by looking at the big picture, if you take away all the full frontal nudity particularly Barden's privates both back and front and Cruz's breasts and rear end this movie would be left with nothing else except to be another 'soap opera' people can see all the time since it also includes both the boyfriend's mother and father making passes at people their children's age, the Barden character screwing not just the girlfriend but also the mother as well. We can only come up with so much that nothing seems to surprise us or anyone else for that matter anymore. 2 out of 4 stars

Ken S (fr) wrote: One of those weird, often forgotten, spin-offs of Star Wars. I think this movie might've sucked more if I hadn't gone in expecting it to suck so much. I built up its suckiness. The movie is a harmless addition to the Star Wars franchise, it certainly didn't do the kind of damage the Prequels had done later on, purely for it just being some silly TV special. Ewoks do still rule, but not like the do in Jedi (fuck all who oppose that viewpoint). You get the feeling that the Narrator was only added when someone watched a rough cut and couldn't make heads or tails as to what the shit was going on, but having Burl Ives voice makes you think only of Rudolph. The two child actors are some of the worst child actors I've ever seen. They deliver every line like they're reading it for the first time. I won't recommend this, unless you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, or like weird pop culture artifacts (which is why I watched it).

Trey W (au) wrote: I thought Disney did a pretty good job with this. Sure the special effects and costumes may look generic, but the story, plot, and characters are very well done.

Chris G (mx) wrote: watched this for the first time not long ago n laughed all the way through. Pure joy to to watch.

Wade H (mx) wrote: DePalma's directing is still vividly brushed as ever and Cage seems conceived into his character. But the story starts bad and ends lower then that. Implausible twists revealed too early and unconvincing back stories.

Jennifer B (es) wrote: I didn't think it was too bad. Good entertainment for the family. Loved the actors they used!!!!