Leonard Part 6

Leonard Part 6

After separating from his wife, Leonard Parker (Cosby) quit the spy business and became a restaurateur. His wife refuses to speak with him, and his daughter, who changes her career more often than her clothes, has begun dating a man old enough to be Leonard's father! On top of it all, the government has asked him to come back and save the world again.

A secret agent is called out of retirement to save the world from an evil genius. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taylor P (ru) wrote: This was a Kickstarter project and that message of community is through out this film. This is a great sequel that shows how the street art world has evolved. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in street art and how it differs around the world.

Teemu P (ru) wrote: Yet another "I, Robot". Nice-looking special effects etc but the plot was way too predictable. Watchable though.

Jaime G (nl) wrote: Interesante filme de terror oblicuo...

Al H (nl) wrote: A good comedy about a romance in the 80's.

Pavol M (es) wrote: Duty for all Falco funs , for others only easy above avarage movie. For me movie of the month.

Gill L (jp) wrote: Honestly, I like this movie. It's not meant to be enjoyed by adult film critics. This movie was made for pre-teen and teenage girls and having been in the target audience category at the time it was released, I absolutely loved it. I don't think I really know any girls who were in the right age bracket when they saw it that didn't enjoy it to some degree. It's an original story line and many of the actors involved did a great job.

Allan C (es) wrote: JCVC is killed in the opening scene of this film, but then his twin brother investigates his death and gets caught up with the Russian mob and with ex-KGB. For whatever reason Jean-Claude Van Damme was the go-to guy for Hong Kong action film directors for making their American directorial debuts. John Woo with "Hard Target," Tsui Hark with "Double Team" and Ringo Lam here with "Maximum Risk." Maybe JCVD was famous enough to be a major production for their debuts, but he wasn't so big that studios were risking wrecking an Arnold or Stallone flick. These three of JCVD's films are what I believe to be his best three films (excluding the very meta "JCVD") . I'm partial to saying Tsui Hark's film is my favorite, though it's admittedly a ridiculous story, with a ridiculous co-star (Dennis Rodman), with ridiculous product placements (saved from the Colleseum exploding by a Coke machine), but the action sequences are just phenomenal (and it has a hilariously beefed up Mickey Rourke). This film, directed by Ringo Lam, has easily the best action script Jean-Claude ever had and next to "Timecop," which is probably his most Hollywood of action film. There's a decent supporting cast, which includes Natasha Henstridge, who I've long felt should have gotten better parts, but never seemed to escape appearing in mostly genre films. Overall, this is essential viewing for JCVD fans and for non-JCVD fans it's simply a decent action flick with good action sequences and a better than average script.

Amy L (ca) wrote: i had a lot of laughs in this. silly humor.

Christina P (de) wrote: Ridiculous story . Patricia Arquette is one terrible actress. The story of Burma deserves so much better than this awful movie.

Matt C (mx) wrote: This is pretty funny, the script in particular is mostly caustic and witty. Probably best viewed if you're just out of uni and the love story can probably be best ignored completely as we stray into 'Dawson's Creek' territory a little there...but hey, I LOVE 'Dawson's Creek'.

Jason D (kr) wrote: As far as Body Melt is concerned, a character in this film said it best: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this one is going to be over the fucking top", and boy is it ever! Body Melt is the story of a seedy drug company that has developed a popular weight loss drug they plan to release to the public. The problem is, the drug causes terrible mutation, body deterioration, and death to all those who consume it. The end result is a smorgasbord of gross-out gore effects as one person after another falls prey to the drug in various and disgusting ways. To top things off, the level of randomness in this Australian film is uncanny, making it nearly a perfect companion piece alongside just about ANY early Peter Jackson film, namely Braindead (Dead Alive to you American folks). In the end, the story is kind of confusing and silly, but the deaths are very fun to watch, which makes this movie slightly more entertaining than it probably should. Still, it shouldn't go noticed to the avid of horror fans. Decent film.

Neil M (gb) wrote: "You can't destroy me, Stefan. Nothing can." So are the dying words of Radu Vladislas at the climax of Full Moon Pictures' 1991 vampire opus, Subspecies.But you can't keep a good (or for that matter, evil) vampire down, now can you?Picking up the moment the first film left off, Bloodstone: Subspecies II begins with Radu reattatching his severed head to his body, with the help of his minions, the subspecies making their only appearance in this film. Radu proceeds to dispatch his brother as he lies sleeping in his coffin. As he turns to stick a stake in Michelle's heart, the morning rays of the sun come through the window, forcing Radu to flee to the bowels of the castle. At nightfall, Michelle hits the road, but not after taking the bloodstone nestled in Stefan's bony hands.Michelle escapes with the bloodstone, Radu following in tow. Michelle makes contact with her sister, Becky played by Melanie Shatner, who catches the next flight to Romania. Instead of finding Michelle, she finds Inspector Marin and Mel Thompson of the U.S. Embassy. Michelle has gone missing and all that was left behind is the bloodstone.As far as sequels go, this one ain't bad, though it does contain a few plot holes, such as what happened to the heroic inn-keeper, Karl, from the first film? And how did Michelle grow long, curly hair in the span of one night? Or how is it that Radu sleeps the day unharmed while bathed in daylight?If you just push a few of those nagging things aside, you'll be treated to a dumb, but entertaining thrill ride.The acting is passable, faring much better than one might expect for such a low-budget direct-to-video horror film. Once again, the show is stolen by Anders Hove once again donning the extremely long fingers as Radu. One can tell he enjoys every moment as the evil vampire, relishing in making Michelle's life utter torment.And speaking of Michelle, Denice Duff takes over the role from Laura Tate. Though Tate did well in the first film, most of her scenes involved giving hunky Stefan googly eyes. Here, Denice has to portray Michelle's decent into hell and though a little overacted, she does a phenomenal job.Far more over-the-top is, but still quite entertaining is the late Pamela Gordon as Mummy, who seems to be even more evil than Radu. She speaks in a high, witch-like tone with matching cackle that will have you yearning for All Hallow's Eve.So, sit back, relax and prepare for true vampires that don't sparkle in daylight and instead of romancing you, would rather tear your throat out. Sorry, Edward.

Rendy S (jp) wrote: From the synopsis 'The Deep End' is not that great, but glad I trust my faith in RT rating; this gripping tales keep me on the edge and so nice to take a break from typical pompous A-type thriller movie and enjoy the story more.

Michael H (us) wrote: Incredibly original!

Jacob B (gb) wrote: While still subject to the cliches of biographical sports movies, McFarland,USA still remains another entertaining sports drama from Disney, thanks to Kevin Costner's outstanding performance as Coach Jim White and the sure-handed direction of Niki Caro.