Richard is a medieval nobleman. After his first wife dies in an accident and is buried in the family vault, he remarries and has children by his second wife. A mad longing for his first wife Leonor comes over him, and he sells his soul to the devil for a chance to get her back. But when she returns, she is a murderous vampire.

A female vampire rises from her crypt every night in search of children as her victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zeebi K (kr) wrote: The only worthy aspect is Charlie Anna (voiced by Javed Jaffery). OK animation. Worse script/story line. 'Romeo' was irritating and 'Laila' was nothing more than a piece of eye candy...just like the stereotypical Hindi movies. Songs were cool though nothing great.

Fabin C (br) wrote: El concepto es bueno, pero se llevo a cabo con pesimos actores.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: Team America: World Police is about as offensive, raunchy, crude, and politically incorrect as a film (an animated one starring puppets, no less) can get. The film features brown-face, puppets having sex in all of the positions, bloody puppet disembowelment, extended scenes of projectile vomiting, and two motivational speeches about "dicks, pussies, and assholes". It's a film that many would loathe. And it's absolutely awesome.Trey Parker and Matt Stone have completely mastered this kind of satire. This go around, the South Park creating duo tackle big budget action blockbuster movies and right-wing politics and foreign policy (with heavy emphasis on the W. Bush campaign), and it's just as humorous as you'd expect. Characters bicker about their love triangles amidst giant action setpieces, casually blow up landmarks, and even engage in musical numbers. The puppetry lends to a lot of humor on its own, as the characters are awkwardly paraded around their locations in the silliest way possible; the scenes where two characters have to fight are even better. Some of the jokes start to wear thin and ride the line of juvenility: as funny as the celebrity cameos are (MATT DAMON!), the Film Actors Guild joke (think about it) isn't quite as funny as it should be. For the most part though, all of these jokes work well, and are likely to get audible laughter out of its target demographic.It's a dumb film in the best way possible. If you're looking for raunchy satire and lots of laughs, look no further. Parker and Stone have delivered yet again.

Kerr L (gb) wrote: It's just one of my alltime faves.

Carol Ann M (ag) wrote: The Duke was good, what else is there??

Greg W (kr) wrote: a remake of the bogart classic 'high sierra' skip this and see the 1941 version.

Edward N (ru) wrote: The Best of the prequels, the only one worth seeing.

TakeiaD (nl) wrote: Cute, funny movie. Perry is a good writer

Tor M (gb) wrote: Never saw the first film but this one sure was a blast. Tits, blood and plotholes. The story is all over the place and nothing is connected and few things makes sense. The superlab in the beginning is soon forgotten and the film turn into some sort of "finding reasons to get into the water even though there's a three-headed shark in it"-contest. It's incredibly original when it comes to this matter by the way.It gave me many laughs caused by the stupidity, of course. The guy that "grew" out an arm right after he lost it was a big scene for me. So was the scene where that guy jumped the shark with an axe in super slow-mo.Danny Trejo is here and that sums up his career right now quite well actually.It's a perfect bad film - anoyingly bad, full of flaws and (in some way) really entertaining.3 out of 10 heads.

Wrik S (mx) wrote: beautiful scenery but that clearly doesnt cover up for a good story line or a good set of dialogue delivery opportunities..