Rita is a girl that lives on taking gangsters as lovers. But when the money stops coming, she swears revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leontine torrent reviews

Xander K (au) wrote: It's not that there is no potential here, but ultimately this doesn't mine any new territory and the heart of it feels a little forced.

Chris G (jp) wrote: I'm not ashamed to say, I actually quite liked Step up 4. Originally bought for my son's to watch as they are made a bout dancing, the story line holds a nice little twist from the last 3 films and is fun to watch. Of course you cannot get away from the tedium that this is another street dancing film, so not so surprisingly it's not a seat clencher, however you can see and appreciate the amount of effort and thought that has gone into creating this franchise, and how it helps to inspire the next generation of dancers. I'd recommend to anyone who's into dance films, and not expecting a massive change in plot.

Thomas L (mx) wrote: an excellent doc on America's drug obsession. totally fascinating!

Dan A (us) wrote: i wanted to kill myself just so i didn't have to watch the rest of this movie. i switched it off after 30mins. so bad, lame acting, god awful fight/action scenes and a dire plot.

Jen M (ag) wrote: Good but obviously isn't as good as the first with no Belushi with toned down language and PG-13. Age 13+

Hildur Karine G (es) wrote: Pretty sweet and touching.

Karsh D (au) wrote: One of the best of the whole series and Hattie Jacques gives the best performance by a female from the whole series. Some brilliant gags, excellent music score and Esma Cannon shows she can play a straight charcter rather than the dotty old lady. This is a superb piece of 60's English comedy.

Levi P (ag) wrote: A beautiful movie about a beautiful friendship, and another example of how godly Kurosawa is!

JamesMasaki R (it) wrote: Ozu's first color film, and also a reworking of one of his early silent movies is still one of his finest, and it is a shame he didn't live longer to make more color films, as he really knew how to frame and place color on the frame. Like the older, "I was born but", "Good Morning" is shown through mostly the main children's point of view, but the adults too, albeit in childish gossipy ways. The story is simple enough. 2 boys argue with their father about buying a TV. But along with the main story comes branches of B-stories surrounding it, and Ozu does it best here. Nothing to interfere with the main plot so much as to add the surrounding community as part of the world. Something that many movies don't do anymore. Oh, and a lot of farting....

Connor B (au) wrote: The plot is interesting, but more should have been done with it. The best part is the fight between the Wolf Man and the Monster.

Dillon L (ru) wrote: Scary and full of action one of the best zombie movies

Matthew M (br) wrote: Roy Scheider and Richard Lynch star in a movie about undercover cops and people impersonating undercover cops. Roy Scheider is the lead star and Richard Lynch along with another are the main bad guys. They get leads by Tony Lo Bianco. The car chase scene is great. The sawed off shotgun and the gritty feel of the movie I enjoyed as well. It is cool to see two of my favorite actors in a movie together. Also Joe Spinell makes an appearance. It is an entertaining action film and I enjoyed it. I felt that the best part was the car chase scene but also liked the shootout at the end as well. Overall, it was real and felt that way throughout the picture. I also enjoyed the casting.

Brandon M (it) wrote: Best horror movie ever!!!!!