Les amitiés maléfiques

Les amitiés maléfiques

A group of college students are duped by a charming pathological liar

A group of college students are duped by a charming pathological liar . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (us) wrote: Tries to have some kind of sociopolitical message but just comes out as garbled and about as obvious as a slap to the face. Film lacks anything resembling subtlety and it just comes across as something written by a fucked up junior high schooler.

Randy Y (kr) wrote: The bar for animated features has been so high for at least the last decade, and comparatively this movie just seemed flat. Basic plot, awkward pacing, and not terribly interesting characters. The movie really seems premised around "Isn't this robot cute!" and "Aren't the waves of microbots (the bad guy) has cool!"... (and I guess "look at these secondary heroes we've made so we have enough cool toys for a McHappy meal!)

Michael A (ca) wrote: Some great music can't help the fact there is very little going on here and the plot is paper thin..still like I said some great music.

Eric P (mx) wrote: Takes a while to get going but once it does it's really good.

Courtney K (it) wrote: oh my lanta... this one is gruesome. but it's good. as the name implies, daddy loves his one and only little girl and after a terrible event happens while she's at her mother's house, his world gets turned upside down. with no hope in finding the culprit responsible, everyone tries to move on with their lives. until one day daddy stumbles upon some information crucial to the incident and becomes vigilante daddy who has absolutely no mercy for the wrongdoer. it's definitely a seeking justice/revenge sort of film. based on true events apparently; and the story is SO sad -- it's kind of an emotional rollercoaster, going back and forth between wanting to cry and wanting to barf. it's just SO sad... things like this actually happen in the world (not necessarily the same situation, but crimes in general) and what if you were in daddy's shoes? how far would you go? and i'm sure if i actually had a kid, i'd feel differently about this as well. i appreciated the ending: a lot. that was a good decision. i'd recommend this one (to non-queasy movie-watchers, that is).

Justin M (mx) wrote: An amusingly ridiculous action flick.

JP A (nl) wrote: David Mamet arms the cast with words, relationships, and power shifts, James Foley brings the words from script to screen, and the actors knock it out of the park.