Les Cousins

Les Cousins

Charles is a young provincial coming up to Paris to study law. He shares his cousin Paul's flat. Paul is a kind of decadent boy, a disillusioned pleasure-seeker, always dragging along with other idles, while Charles is a plodding, naive and honest man. He fell in love with Florence, one of Paul's acquaintances. But how will Paul react to that attempt to build a real love relationship ? One of the major New Wave films.

Charles is a young provincial coming up to Paris to study law. He shares his cousin Paul's flat. Paul is a kind of decadent boy, a disillusioned pleasure-seeker, always dragging along with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurence M (es) wrote: Warmth with logic leads to passionate depth.

Ami H (ag) wrote: Clever and funny, and overall unconventionally touching.

Pedro Matias C (kr) wrote: Otra pretenciosa e inecesaria pelicula independiente. Snob, Ridiculamente pretenciosa, una pelicula sobre nada que pretende ser importante. Un director obstinado en demostranos que buenos planos puede hacer y que bien filma, algo que puede ser util para rendir un examen de cine, pero que nada aporta si esos planos no estan al servicio de una pelicula o de la historia. UN PRODUCTO IMPRESENTABLE!!!! CON TODAS LAS LETRAS.

Joe K (ru) wrote: very realistic and creative and well made, but over time it loses relevance and points..at least my-book-points

John Mikkiah T (kr) wrote: Spectacular visual effects with a great story & characters! Chris Hemsworth as Thor was charming and awesome to watch! A MUST SEE!

Ben L (es) wrote: Born on the Fourth of July is a truly epic tale of the devastating effects that the Vietnam War has on a young man. This is the tour-de-force performance that most people will point to in order to make it clear that Tom Cruise is more than just a dumb action star. The way that he portrays the highs and lows of this poor man's life is shockingly realistic. I also think the makeup and hair team did a stellar job at aging him appropriately, without making it obvious I was looking at a 26-year-old with a wig on. The story is a very tough one to watch and every time my mind would wander back to that young boy from the beginning, while he was in a horrible hospital being treated for war wounds or he felt completely unlovable, I started to tear up. The journey that the character takes is a harsh one to watch because you slowly see the war, and the physical/emotional wounds he acquired from it, gradually take away every ounce of his former self. It starts by taking away his physical abilities, then it takes away his family and friends, eventually it takes away any hope he had for love, and finally his entire belief system is torn down. Since it's based on the biography of a real man, you can feel the authentic emotion in that journey. It's not a perfect film, there are certain beats that are skipped over too quickly, and there are some that are dragged out longer than necessary or repeated more than necessary. While I would find it difficult to ever watch Born on the Fourth of July again, I applaud the quality of the film-making and the astounding performance from Tom Cruise.

Marcus G (ag) wrote: awesome 80's movie!!

Ryan O (kr) wrote: Truly an eye-opening experience, and I emphasize the word experience. This film makes you work to get to the ending. It harms your eyes with disturbing grit of the harsh reality that is America. White supremacy: the side of the country we do not want to see and should leave behind unfortunately it is still here and eating us from the inside out and what does it do for us? Nothing. That's the kind of message this film delivers to those who can make it through it. Marked by excellent, career making performances by Ed Norton and Edward Furlong "American History X" stands alone as a modern masterpiece in film.

Grant S (de) wrote: Excellent. Great acting by Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and, especially, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Funny at times, yet very deep in its final message.

Gavin M (us) wrote: I'm not gonna lie, I think "Enemy at the Gates" is a really fascinating movie. Granted the actors don't really put on a great show when it comes to portraying the right accent for their characters in this WW2 movie, but other than that, I still "Enemy at the Gates" is worth watching. The battle of Stalingrad was no joke, no joke at all, as it was literally a bloody and insane battle fought between the Russians and the Germans. Watching this movie you really get a sense on how other country's go about fighting in war and with the Russian's there are no two ways about it, you fight or die, it's that simple. No retreating. No cowards. It's something that is taught to the Japanese that you must kill yourself in the shame of defeat. War is hell. This is the first movie though that really shows the battle between two independent and very highly trained snipers, the first that really gives you a sense and the glory if I can say of being a sniper during WW2. Jude Law isn't bad in the role as the famous Russian sniper, as I like Jude Law, I think he is full of potential, but hearing his British accent in the movie at times and hearing Ed Harris speaking in his American accent and not portraying a German accent for the film I couldn't help, but wonder at times, why didn't they put on accents? Was the budget for this movie on it's way to being too expensive so they just decided at the last minute to just say fuck it and hope none of the movie audiences notices? Shame on them. This could have been a masterpiece, but the fact that they didn't even bother to have the actors throw in accents for their characters as that is what they are suppose to do in a big WW2 movie like this, as that is why they are called ACTORS says a lot. In hindsight this movie really would get a 1 star attached to it, but for some reason the movie is still unbelievably watchable, and that is because the battle of Stalingrad has never been shown before on film as most battles in WW2 don't get as much screen time as they should as D-Day is the champ of all battles, so it gets most of the screen time. But I will say this is a very compelling movie just because of the battle alone and how one ordinary Russian soldier became a nation's hero. I will say too that Bob Hoskin's who has supporting role in this as the Russian commander who takes over the battle of Stalingrad after the last commander failed at winning the assault on Stalingrad against the German's and man does Hoskins deliver, as he truly is an actor of his own kind. It's really amazing to see the man from Robert Zemeckis's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," go from that to this an really pull it off with fierce will. It's those kind of performance's that I feed off of like Nick Nolte in Terrence Malick's "The Thin Red Line," or Al Pacino in "Heat," it's just awesome acting and that is what attracts me the most in the movies is just unbelievable acting and Hoskins definitely brings that with his performance in this movie so my hats off to Hoskins. "Enemy at the Gates," is no "Saving Private Ryan," but it definitely deserves in some ways to be up there in the rankings that as we all know that no movie is perfect, and this movie clearly makes that statement the minute the actors open their mouths speaking in their regular tongues, but really in all honestly, it's good to just let go sometimes and not give a shit and just watch the movie for what it is.