Les grandes personnes

Les grandes personnes

Every year, Albert buys his daughter an initiatory journey to a European country. For her 17th birthday he chooses a trip to Sweden to look for a Viking's treasure. When they arrive in the ...

Every year, Albert buys his daughter an initiatory journey to a European country. For her 17th birthday he chooses a trip to Sweden to look for a Viking's treasure. When they arrive in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Koeman L (es) wrote: Quite a dissappointment after the success of C+ Detective.

Adrianne O (de) wrote: Liked it alot. Dakota reminds me a bit of myself although I would probably choose to face my death if I was falling towards it instead of looking at the sky. Jonah was definitely hotter than Kevin. Kevin looked like Elijah Woods on roids! Haha

Bavner D (ag) wrote: Menyaksikan film ini bukanlah menjadi sesuatu yang merugikan, karena hanya di film ini, penonton dapat melihat kualitas akting yang luar biasa dari Penlope Cruz.

Sowmya A (it) wrote: It's about a guy who goes off on an expedition to Antarctica. During his journey and stay, he remembers as he misses in alternation his sexlife with his girlfriend and the 9 songs he heard on a particular date with her to a rock concert. When his mind is uncertain and numbed with ice covers all over, all he thinks of is the vividness of his exciting sex life and his favorite songs. Sex portrayal is like in the porno movies, from oral sex by both to actual penetration to masturbation to ejaculation. But it's passionate sex if that could be appreciated. So, well as every good and fun relationship ends amicably as people have to get on with their lives, this guy like all other guys remembered the bedroom time and his favorite date time at concert in great detail. That's the purpose of the movie, reminiscing from a guy's point of view. It's supposedly an all guys' romantic movie that's a tear jerker for only those men whose relationships recently got over. Other guys would enjoy the movie when completely stoned! It's way too boring for even them without any booze or weed in the mind to get excited about it at all.

Joyce R (it) wrote: Jeremie Renier is a wonderful actor, as good as anyone out there.

Jordan K (au) wrote: One of the worst and most boring 90s comedies I've ever seen. Awful concept, unlikable characters, and the humor of a childish toilet humor sitcom. It's all awful and extremely unbearable to sit through.The film centers around Kelsey Grammer playing an idiotic yet reasonable naval captain who is in charge of his own run down submarine, reused from WWII. The rest is Police Academy mixed with Gomer Pyle when the sub crew is filled with idiots and egomaniacs.Not much I can say about Down Periscope, only that I stopped the film halfway in because it was so godawful. Extremely boring and unlikable comedy that will appeal to the most immature of theater audiences.

Brad B (br) wrote: One of the best underdog stories ever.

David S (de) wrote: superb and has aged very well

Jarett B (kr) wrote: Keitel is a raging loan collector and a sensitive, love struck concert pianist? It doesn't get much better than this. An ultra subtle/explosive performance by Keitel; unfortunately, the other cast members are like cartoon characters of gangster/hoods. Such poor acting really hurts the highly character driven plot.

Vincent P (de) wrote: Talk is cheap. So fill your script with as much of it as you can. Never mind that you're supposed to be making a monster movie. Monsters cost money! Save that stuff for the last ten minutes.What there is of monster and makeup fx (again, there's very little) is good but, unless you're a sadist, I don't think you'll want to sit through an hour of eye-rollingly poor acting and dialogue to reach it

Chris D (it) wrote: Simplify, simplify, simplify...an interesting premise gets bogged down by too many subplots, over developed characters and irritating one-liners from Guy Torry.

MCBunny B (mx) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen

Mike N (de) wrote: just a fun movie i loved it. "idle hands are the devils playground."

Christopher P (kr) wrote: Terrible acting, dismal writing. Basically a complete waste of time.

Kelly E (ca) wrote: I went to see this because it looked interesting (I loved Run Lola Run which is a similar genre) and the director is from Boardman, OH. I live near there and want people to know how many amazing, talented people come from this part of Ohio.While the movie felt a little forced at times, I found it to be visually very interesting and the characters likeable, there is definitely a payoff by the end that is worth the price of admission. Christopher Walkin has several memorable, scrambeled soliloquies.

Louise D (us) wrote: Very hard to pin down my opinion on this. I really enjoyed parts, with the foibles of both young and middle-aged entertainingly lampooned. The dramatic arc was less well done, but not terribly so. I think maybe it didn't switch between the two strands well and this is what left me ambivalent.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Time is a crook.A group of refugees on their way to Africa run into a strange couple traveling in the same direction. The couple plan to invest in minerals and get rich. That doesn't sound bad to the refugees. Maybe they will tag along with ambitions to initially help, but what true intentions do they have for the couple's fortunes?"I have a feeling about you and your friends.""Correction. Associates."John Huston, director of The African Queen, The Maltese Falcon, The Man Who Would be King, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Captain Blood, Prizzi's Honor, Key Largo, and The Asphalt Jungle, delivers Beat the Devil. The storyline for this picture is just okay and a bit disappointing (and stale). I was hoping for more from this Bogart/Huston picture. The acting is fairly good and the cast includes Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lorre, Bernard Lee, Robert Morley, and Gina Lollobrigida."You are the hired hand."Beat the Devil was playing on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this Halloween season and I was excited to see this Bogart/Huston collaboration. Unfortunately, this may be one of the worst movies I have seen from either of these gentlemen. I never felt connected with the storyline or particularly connected to the plot. Overall, I'd say this is average and I would skip it."I think I hate you."Grade: C+