Les passagers

Les passagers

A tramcar in the suburbs of Paris, a woman commenting on its passengers who are as different as a young man with flowers, a whimsical old lady, a man who doesn't want to be just a customer....

A tramcar in the suburbs of Paris, a woman commenting on its passengers who are as different as a young man with flowers, a whimsical old lady, a man who doesn't want to be just a customer.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (br) wrote: Flu is Korea's answer to Outbreak and Contagion, an emotionally manipulative but highly intense and entertaining thriller. It falls down due to some lame cliches, but the incredible pace and tense music keep you glued to your seat. If you enjoy the high stakes of virus movies combined with uncontrolled chaos and mayhem, Flu is for you.

Fredrick R (jp) wrote: 22 year old Canadian-Serbian director Boris Malagurski seems to have overstudied his personal god Michael Moore a bit too closely in the making of Weight of Chains. It mimics every Moore film in editing, sound, technique, direction, and right down to the voice overs. Malagurski even SOUNDS like Moore. Weight of Chains also suffers from Michael Moore's one sided bias.It's not that Malagurski's documentary on the break up of the former Yugoslavia is lacking in facts, its just shoved down your throat with condescending and smarmy voice overs. It doesn't let the interviews and archival footage speak for itself, because Malagurski won't shut up. (Just like Moore)Steeped in heavily life-was-better-Yugostalgia and Euroskpticism, Weight of Chains takes the point of view of how the former Yugoslavia dissolved mostly due to EU/NATO/US capitalistic/geopolitical interests.It claims nationalism and ethnic hatred was drummed up by the west, exaggerated, and used for exploitation so foreign capitalist interests could devour the former republics for its own use. That Yugoslavia is now a colony of the west (which is arguably true)It focuses mostly on Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. Slovenia gets only a passing mention, and Macedonia is totally ignored.There's a light slap on the wrist to Serbia, with Croatia getting a majority of the blame.As the villains of the play, we have the US and Germany who are manipulating everything on the sidelines (not that they didn't..)The history presented is interesting, as is the archival footage. But its the line up of interviews and experts that are SO pro Yugoslavia/Serbia that leads you awry.That being said all documentaries are biased (except maybe films like Winged Migration), its just this one is so painfully so, you might push it away as propaganda.The end of the film is full of hypocrisy. He says its a stereotype that there has always been ethnic strife in Yugoslavia, but he has no problem bringing up the Ottoman Turks, The Nazi Croatian Puppet Sate, Cetniks and Utasha, the Jasenovac concentration camps where Serbs, Roma and Jews were exterminated, and Srebrenica which he says "was no worse than any other killings of serbs in villages nearby"That maybe true, but entering in a pain olympics doesn't make his point of view any stronger.But lets just say Michael Moore must be one flattered man.

Genevive C (gb) wrote: Good balance of film and concert footage. Very Toronto.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Friday, January 6, 2012 (2003) Naked Weapon ACTION Director Siu-Tung Ching of "The Chinese Ghost Story" movies and "The Swordsman II" attempting to make an action film for the US and is quite bad with Chinese actors speaking very bad English and dismissal action sequences. It's one of the worst, centering on some trained female assassins from the time they're young until the time they're old enough to fend for themselves with more inhumane things happening to them. It's exploitation at it's worst ignoring common sense! The extras doesn't even have English subtitles on the directors dialgoe regarding the making of it. The passing grade is a result of Maggie Q showing her stuff on an otherwise mediocre movie. 2.5 out of 4

Cody L (au) wrote: Decent horror-comedy but not entirely memorable.

william w (ru) wrote: This is an excellent film to watch for those who honor and respect the truth on how society & other's try to manipulate the intergrety, culture, and ambitions of others for their own person GAIN!!! These blood suckers will stop at nothing to weaken, deceit, and conquer ANYONE for the love of their God, "MONEY"!!! Nevertheless, there's a hero born every day and if you fight for something hard enough you are soon to triumph. However, not to share the end of the movie, but to the victor, belongs the spoils.

April M (fr) wrote: Bette Milder is funny!

Isadore H (fr) wrote: Oliver Stones film deserves every amount of praise it got. The acting is magnificent, the battles scenes tense and frightening and the questions the film raises are quite compelling as well. There is not one scene that feels out of place here, each shot is incredibly well crafted and thought out. Tension is palpable when it needs to be, my only flaw might be that the main character and the other characters were not as meaningful as I hoped

Salman G (nl) wrote: I wonder why critics regarded it as a great movie. It lacks everything, even O'toole lacks his charms.

Felipe S (it) wrote: Office space with aliens, recommended.

Chris H (au) wrote: A gritty and realistic Vietnam War film.

Jeff Y (us) wrote: Pretty light stuff, but worth a look if nothing else but to enjoy something else directed by Ivan Reitman!

Matt H (it) wrote: Got to be one of the best films ever made, enjoy the character development from the first film as we follow Frodo Baggins further on his journey into Mordor to destroy the ring. Great depth and new challenges for the protagonist to face, including the reveal of a new powerful army in the Uruk Hai.The introduction to new characters to the franchise is amazing, one of the main being the introduction to Gollum as a main character, great performance from Andy Serkis. Along with King Theoden, a man poisoned by Sauruman to puppeteer the kingdom of Rohan, this introduction raises the stakes of the battle for the ring and the fate of the character. Not to mention the amazing Battle at Helms Deep which not only offers some of the greatest fights, but offers a light amount of comedy to go along with it coming from Legolas and Gimli, enjoyable from start to finish.

Kriss T (mx) wrote: Utter garbage. Ranks as my least favourite film of all time. It fails to know what it wants to be, a parody, a satire, an action flick, comedy.... It can't even succesfully mix any of the above. Performances are woeful and McBride is basically Kenny Powers with a posh accent. Doesnt make sense, isnt funny and you question as to why so many excellent actors agreed to be on board.